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'Magic tree door' illusion baffles the Internet

By T.K. Randall
May 27, 2017 · Comment icon 9 comments

Stop-motion animator Kevin Parry has created a short video clip that seems to defy the laws of physics.
Entitled 'Walk in the Woods', the clip begins with Parry circling a tall mirror that has been placed up against a tree in the middle of a forest. As he walks forward however he appears to step directly through the mirror and out the other side in to another area of woodland.

The bizarre feat is then repeated, returning him to the starting point before the clip loops around.

Walk in the Woods

A post shared by Kevin Parry (@kevinbparry) on

"The video is comprised of a single take, duplicated, and I had to make sure my start and end points were fairly lined up when shooting," said Parry.
"There is a bit of digital trickery in that I had to warp the ends of the clips to match, but there's a hard cut in there (with only a few frames of dissolve). But I didn't green screen or mask anything."

"I've been wanting to make this illusion for some time, but waited until I could film it in a more exciting location than my house."

"I made an early morning trip at 5:30am out into the Oregon woods with the mirror and filmed before anyone was on the trail."

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (9)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Nzo 6 years ago
Very cool effect.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 6 years ago
Literally nobody is "baffled" by this. 
Comment icon #3 Posted by Orphalesion 6 years ago
It's a mirror and some trickery with takes. Woo... People appear to be "baffled" rather easily these days.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Wickian 6 years ago
Step 1:  Walk towards mirror. Step 2:  Once mirror's frames are out of the camera frame, turn around and line up the same height/reflective angle and walk away again. Step 3:  Edit out realigning. Maybe there's a faster/easier way, but in the 5 seconds or so it took me to switch tabs and start typing a reply that's the best guess I have.
Comment icon #5 Posted by grimsituation6 6 years ago
actually its easier than that, just start by walking away from mirror then turn around and walk towards mirror, then cut when the reflection matches your starting point.
Comment icon #6 Posted by DieChecker 6 years ago
An Oregonian!  Filmed at the Hoyt Arboretum. I've been there many times. I don't recognize the exact spot though. A nice illusion. I tried spotting the point where he cut it, and my best guess is right before the mirror frame leaves the video. Looks like there is a slight jump there. Baffled??? The guy himself said it was an illusion? 
Comment icon #7 Posted by Ryu 6 years ago
Couldn't watch the video so...oh well.
Comment icon #8 Posted by quiXilver 6 years ago
simple.  clever.   well done mate.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Matt221 6 years ago
Didn't miss much 

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