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Space & Astronomy

'10 planets or more' within our solar system

6-15-2016 | 6

A Cambridge scientist maintains that there may be far more planets in the solar system than we realize.

Space & Astronomy

Could Planet Nine cause mass extinctions ?

3-31-2016 | 25

A new theory has suggested that the new planet could be responsible for periodic mass extinction events.

Space & Astronomy

Further evidence of Planet Nine discovered

3-29-2016 | 56

The case for a hidden gas giant in the outer solar system continues to go from strength to strength.

Space & Astronomy

Search narrows for mysterious Planet Nine

2-24-2016 | 22

Astronomers in France have managed to narrow down the area in which the new planet could be located.

Space & Astronomy

'Strong evidence' in case for 9th planet

1-21-2016 | 49

Astronomers in the US believe that there could be a large undiscovered planet in our own solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Debate rages on over recent 'Planet X' claims

12-15-2015 | 15

Researchers have identified what could be two new large planets in the outer reaches of our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Two large planets may lurk beyond Pluto

1-17-2015 | 93

Evidence suggests that two planets larger than the Earth may be present in the outer solar system.

Space & Astronomy

NASA finds no sign of hypothetical Planet X

3-10-2014 | 16

Researchers had theorized that a gas giant in the Oort Cloud may have been affecting the orbit of comets.

Space & Astronomy

Could there really be a 'Planet X' ?

11-9-2012 | 19

Have we discovered all the planets in our solar system or could there still be more out there to find ?

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