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Pterosaurs used "pole vault" takeoff

11-17-2010 | 4

According to a new study pterosaurs would have "pole vaulted" in to the air when taking off.


Giant pterosaurs could fly 10,000 miles

10-18-2010 | 6

Scientists believe that prehistoric pterosaurs could have gone for thousands of miles non-stop.


New type of flying reptile discovered

11-18-2009 | 5

A controversial type of evolution has been evidenced in the discovery of a new type of flying reptile that fills a gap i...


Pterodactyl missing link found

10-14-2009 | 1

A fossil hailed to be the missing link in how pterosaur dinosaurs evolved from small bird-size creatures has been discov...


Prehistoric ‘runway’ discovered

8-21-2009 | 10

Scientists have uncovered a prehistoric "runway" in the limestone deposits of an ancient lagoon that would have been use...


Could giant pterosaurs fly ?

5-2-2009 | 23

A new study has suggested that giant pterosaurs would not have been able to fly. Due to their size and weight the creatu...

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