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New species of pterosaur discovered on Scotland's Isle of Skye

2-7-2024 | 2

Researchers discuss their recent fossil find and what it could mean for our understanding of these winged reptiles.


'Dragon of death' pterosaur discovered in Argentina

5-24-2022 | 4

A new type of flying reptile from the age of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in the Andes mountains.


Remains of largest known Jurassic pterosaur found in Scotland

2-25-2022 | 0

Palaeontologists have unearthed the fossil of a giant winged reptile on Scotland's Isle of Skye.


Terrestrial relative of pterosaurs discovered

12-15-2020 | 1

Palaeontologists have shed new light on the evolutionary history of these abundant prehistoric flying reptiles.


Three new pterosaurs discovered in the Sahara

3-30-2020 | 1

Scientists have unearthed the fossil remains of three new species of prehistoric winged reptile in Morocco.


33ft 'frozen dragon' pterosaur found in Canada

9-16-2019 | 17

Palaeontologists have identified one of the largest flying creatures ever to live on planet Earth.


Leaping prehistoric sharks caught pterosaurs

12-20-2018 | 5

New fossil evidence suggests that prehistoric sharks may have leapt from the water to catch flying reptiles.


New prehistoric flying reptile discovered

 VIDEO  8-13-2018 | 4

Scientists have revealed the discovery of a new species of giant pterosaur that lived over 200 million years ago.


Record haul of 215 pterosaur eggs discovered

 VIDEO  12-1-2017 | 1

The incredible find has been teaching palaeontologists much about the lives of these ancient flying reptiles.


Unusual pterosaur species ate like a flamingo

2-6-2017 | 0

The earliest known filter-feeding pterosaur has been unearthed in northeast China's Liaoning province.


New species of tiny pterosaur discovered

9-1-2016 | 2

A flying reptile with a wingspan of only 1.5 meters has been identified from fossils found in Canada.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Live pterosaur' filmed flying over Idaho

 VIDEO  9-18-2015 | 70

A recently released video claims to show what looks like a dinosaur flying over the United States.


Prehistoric pterosaur colony discovered

8-14-2014 | 6

Scientists have found the fossil remains of several dozen members of a previously unknown species.


First complete pterosaur eggs found in China

6-8-2014 | 11

Palaentologists have uncovered the best preserved cluster of three dimensionsal fossils ever discovered.


Flying Transylvanian dinosaur unearthed

2-7-2013 | 9

The 68 million-year-old remains of a previously unknown species of pterosaur have been discovered.


New pterosaur species discovered

9-5-2012 | 8

A previously unknown species of winged reptile dating back 155 million years has been unearthed.


Velociraptor's last meal revealed

3-8-2012 | 8

Scientists have found the remains of a giant flying pterosaur in the guts of a velociraptor.


'Vampire' pterosaur fed on dinosaur blood ?

2-25-2012 | 12

A prehistoric species of flying reptile might have feasted upon the blood of large dinosaurs.


How did giant pterosaurs fly ?

10-2-2011 | 18

The basic physics of how giant prehistoric flying reptiles flew has been challenged by scientists.


Pterosaur fossil found with preserved egg

1-21-2011 | 23

An ancient female pterosaur fossil has been found in China alongside one of its own eggs.

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