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'Vladimir Putin' is a banned name in Sweden

9-18-2021 | 6

A couple in Sweden have been officially banned from naming their newborn baby after the Russian leader.


Russian official admits to staging Yeti sightings

4-11-2021 | 107

One of Putin's longest-serving regional leaders has admitted to using a fake Yeti to attract tourists.


Quantum physicist describes alien encounter

12-6-2019 | 21

Quantum computing expert Deep Prasad has come forward with a rather extraordinary story.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Did a mystic predict Putin's rise to power ?

3-19-2018 | 33

During a meeting in 1979, blind mystic Baba Vanga allegedly predicted that Putin would 'rule the world'.

Space & Astronomy

Russia to launch mission to Mars in 2019

3-15-2018 | 5

During a recent televised interview, Putin revealed that Russia is planning to launch a series of space missions.

Science & Technology

Putin speaks out about the importance of AI

9-2-2017 | 9

The Russian leader told students across the country that 'whoever leads in AI will rule the world.'

Modern Mysteries

What is Anton Vaino's mysterious 'nooscope' ?

8-24-2016 | 9

Vladimir Putin's new chief of staff Anton Vaino has come up with a very strange invention indeed.

Science & Technology

Scientists achieve atom-sized data storage

 VIDEO  7-21-2016 | 26

Increasingly sophisticated data storage systems are being built to meet the demands of modern computing.


Putin refers to Internet as a 'CIA project'

4-26-2014 | 91

The Russian leader has criticized the nature of the Internet, fueling fears of a possible web breakup.

Science & Technology

Magnets could revolutionize computing

6-1-2011 | 10

Studying a magnet's ability to turn on and off may lead scientists to a computer revolution.

Science & Technology

Rainbow trapped for the first time

12-2-2009 | 10

For the first time a rainbow of light has been trapped using a lens and a plate of glass using a technique that could op...

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