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Absurd conspiracy theory claims that the Roman Empire is a hoax

12-2-2021 | 25

A ludicrous new conspiracy theory doing the rounds online is claiming that the Romans never existed.

Archaeology & History

Romans built seismic 'invisibility cloaks'

5-7-2019 | 8

A new study has found that the Romans may have used 'metamaterials' to dampen the effects of earthquakes.

World of the Bizarre

Woman receives $284 billion electricity bill

 VIDEO  12-27-2017 | 8

Pennsylvania resident Mary Horomanski couldn't believe what she was reading when she received the bill.

Archaeology & History

How did Hannibal's army get across the Alps ?

4-6-2016 | 8

Samples of horse dung have helped to solve one of the most enduring mysteries of classical warfare.

Archaeology & History

Roman sword allegedly found off Oak Island

12-17-2015 | 83

A remarkable new find has suggested that the Romans may have visited North America 2,000 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Gladiator Colosseum unearthed in Tuscany

11-12-2015 | 13

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient amphitheater similar to the Colosseum in Rome.

Archaeology & History

Marble Medusa head unearthed in Roman ruins

10-23-2015 | 10

A remnant of the past has been discovered among the remains of an ancient first century Roman city.

Archaeology & History

Volcanoes hastened fall of the Roman Empire

7-9-2015 | 11

A series of volcanic eruptions in North America once triggered widespread disaster across Europe.

Archaeology & History

Did the Romans produce greenhouse gases ?

10-6-2012 | 16

A new study has revealed that the production of greenhouse gases was not limited to the modern age.


What the Romans didn't do for Britons

3-22-2011 | 7

An ancient road uncovered in Shropshire has led archaeologists to believe that not all roads led to Rome.

Archaeology & History

Longest ancient underground aqueduct found

3-15-2009 | 7

A vast underground canal system built by the ancient Romans has been found that runs through over 100 kilometers of ston...

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