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Absurd conspiracy theory claims that the Roman Empire is a hoax

By T.K. Randall
December 2, 2021 · Comment icon 25 comments

Suffice to say, the Romans were very real indeed. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Thalan
A ludicrous new conspiracy theory doing the rounds online is claiming that the Romans never existed.
We've seen a fair few conspiracy theories on this site over the last two decades, which have ranged from the more mainstream (i.e. that the Moon landings were a hoax) to the downright absurd (i.e. the Earth is flat or, as claimed more recently, the Internet is 'fake'.)

This latest one, however, which claims that the Roman Empire never actually existed, pretty much takes the biscuit as one of the weirdest conspiracy theories we've come across to date.

This rather strange claim comes courtesy of TikTok history enthusiast @momllennial_ whose conspiracy theories have proven to be somewhat divisive, to say the least, on social media.
The route of her 'Rome denialism' lies in the (false) claim that Roman archaeological sites are misinterpreted and that Rome was in fact a hoax perpetrated by the Spanish Inquisition.

Most of these claims have already been thoroughly debunked by historians, however as is the case with those who remain adamant that the Earth is flat, expertise and hard facts don't seem to carry much weight with those who remain convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

If anything, such conspiracies represent something of a quirk of the Internet age - ideas that, despite holding no weight, seem to endure and spread - picking up more followers as they go along.

It remains to be seen what other weird conspiracies will arise thanks to social media over the next few years.

Source: Daily Dot | Comments (25)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by Jon the frog 3 years ago
Sad that we are losing parts of this short history by the woke revolution, lol !
Comment icon #17 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
Now that's something I wish I could do. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
Fact Checked: Claim is 100% accurate. 
Comment icon #19 Posted by Torviking 3 years ago
I�m really sick of this woke s***e. Just put me in a darkened room and let me talk to my educated brain, that this generation of b****T are not going to inherit this planet �.pleeeze.
Comment icon #20 Posted by HSlim 3 years ago
We have GOT to stop giving our idiots attention
Comment icon #21 Posted by HollyDolly 3 years ago
What a maroon as Bugs Bunny would say, wants her 15 minutes of fame. It seems the american public, not talking about our lovely posters here, get more idiotic by the minute. Where do they come up with this baloney?
Comment icon #22 Posted by aztek 3 years ago
pretty much, i would not know about quite a lot of CTs if i did not read about them here.  this board seems to propagate them alot, among other things. Seems quite a few of those CT i only see here, and no where else,.
Comment icon #23 Posted by HSlim 3 years ago
Yeah, I can't really argue with that statement.  
Comment icon #24 Posted by aztek 3 years ago
spot on. agree 100%
Comment icon #25 Posted by Dreamer screamer 3 years ago
Of course the roman Empire existed, it still exists today.   Everything in England goes back to Rome and the Vatican. Why is this doing the rounds?   Destroy history and create a new myth, Georgia Guidestones are a new 10 commandments.     2000 years is up and no longer can the Vatican maintain their control with jesus and Lucifer, so they have to destroy history.  

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