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Mystery surrounds smashed Stone Age skulls

8-19-2012 | 5

Collections of skulls separated from their skeletons have been proving a puzzle to archaeologists.


Rhino-sized mega-wombat skeletons found

6-22-2012 | 12

50 skeletons belonging to the extinct giant wombat species diprotodon have been found in Queensland.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists find Bulgarian 'vampires'

6-6-2012 | 31

Two medieval skeletons with iron stakes through their chests have been discovered in Bulgaria.

Archaeology & History

Saints buried alive in ancient Rome

4-24-2011 | 11

Two skeletons found in a crypt are believed to be of two saints buried alive almost 2000 years ago.


8,500-year-old remains found in Insanbul

4-2-2011 | 2

The oldest human skeletons ever found in Turkey have been discovered in Istanbul's Yenikapý area.

Archaeology & History

Pompeii skeletons reveal secrets

12-15-2010 | 7

The remains of those who died in the volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii continue to yield new insights.

Science & Technology

Couple to leave skeletons to dungeon

2-28-2010 | 11

A Scottish couple have pledged to leave their skeletons to be put on display in an Edinburgh dungeon when they die.

Archaeology & History

Cave system found on Easter Island

7-16-2009 | 18

A six-kilometer long cave system has been discovered on Easter Island which is believed to have been used by the island'...

Modern Mysteries

Africans came with Columbus to New World

3-22-2009 | 3

Teeth taken from the exhumed skeletons of Christopher Columbus' crew from over 500 years ago have revealed new informati...

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