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Archaeology & History

Controversy surrounds claim that a second Sphinx has been found

11-5-2021 | 11

The claim, which has been heavily refuted, comes courtesy of a prominent Egyptian tourism official.

Archaeology & History

Equinox highlights the wonders of the Sphinx

3-24-2020 | 7

Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass has dismissed the idea that the Sphinx was carved from a stationary rock.

Archaeology & History

Second Sphinx possibly discovered in Egypt

8-12-2018 | 39

Construction workers have unearthed what is thought to be a second Sphinx near the Valley of the Kings.

Modern Mysteries

Large sphinx head unearthed in California

12-3-2017 | 2

Archaeologists discovered the artifact in Santa Barbara County, however all is not quite as it seems.

Archaeology & History

Sphinx head found in mystery Greek tomb

10-25-2014 | 8

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of artefacts during excavations of the enigmatic burial site.

Archaeology & History

Ancient sphinx statue discovered in Israel

7-10-2013 | 35

The remains of an ancient Egyptian King's unique sphinx statue has been unearthed in northern Israel.

Archaeology & History

Sphinx protective wall unearthed

11-3-2010 | 0

Sections of mudbrick wall that would have protected the Sphinx from desert winds have been uncovered.

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