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Archaeology & History

Tomb found near Sweden's 'Stonehenge'

10-25-2012 | 7

The 5,500-year-old tomb of a Stone Age chieftain has been unearthed at Sweden's Ale's Stenar monument.

Archaeology & History

Is Ales Stenar the Swedish Stonehenge ?

4-20-2012 | 4

A research team has found new evidence that Sweden's Ales Stenar is far older than previously thought.

World of the Bizarre

Man survives for two months trapped in car

2-20-2012 | 27

A man in Sweden has been rescued after being stuck in the snow in his car for a whole two months.

World of the Bizarre

Long lost ring found on growing carrot

1-1-2012 | 10

A woman in Sweden has found her wedding ring on a carrot in her garden after it was lost for 16 years.

Archaeology & History

Dig reveals human skulls mounted on stakes

9-26-2011 | 7

Several 8,000 year-old skulls mounted on stakes have been discovered in central Sweden.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery underwater object caught on film

9-24-2011 | 102

A mysterious unidentified submerged object was filmed off the coast of Sweden this month.

World of the Bizarre

'Drunk moose' gets stuck in a tree

9-9-2011 | 30

A moose intoxicated by eating fermented apples was found tangled up in a tree in Sweden.

The UFO Phenomenon

Swedish man "shoots down UFO"

9-4-2011 | 43

A man in Sweden was arrested after firing pistols out of his window at what he claims was a UFO.

Science & Technology

Man attempts to build nuclear reactor

8-4-2011 | 25

A man in Sweden was arrested after he was caught trying to construct a nuclear reactor in his kitchen.

Nature & Environment

Sweden wolf hunt brings EU legal threat

1-19-2011 | 28

With claims of an out of control wolf population Sweden allows wolf hunting again.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Camera ban hinders hunt for lake monster

2-4-2009 | 8

Despite a ban on cameras around lake Storsjön in Sweden, intrepid monster hunters are still out in force to catch a gli...

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