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Science & Technology

Quantum teleportation achieved over 44km

1-3-2021 | 4

Scientists have taken one step closer to building a working, super-secure, super-fast quantum Internet.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery of 'teleporting boy' has been solved

12-14-2018 | 8

Social media users were left puzzled recently by a news clip showing a boy who seems to appear from nowhere.

Science & Technology

China has 'teleported' a photon in to orbit

7-12-2017 | 30

In a world-first, China has succeeded in using quantum entanglement to send data to a satellite.

Science & Technology

Russia to build teleporter within 20 years

6-23-2016 | 32

The multi-trillion dollar endeavour could see teleportation become a reality within only two decades.

Science & Technology

Michio Kaku: 'teleportation will be possible'

 VIDEO  9-8-2015 | 256

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku maintains that many Star Trek technologies will become a reality.

Science & Technology

Scientists build 'real-life teleporter'

 VIDEO  1-24-2015 | 18

Engineers in Germany have built the first step towards a matter transporter like those seen in Star Trek.

Science & Technology

Time travel could happen within 100 years

10-30-2014 | 98

Physicists have predicted that time travel and teleportation could become a reality this century.

Science & Technology

Star Trek teleporation 'should be possible'

5-30-2014 | 45

Scientists have been able to successfully achieve reliable quantum teleportation for the first time.

Science & Technology

Is teleportation really possible ?

7-31-2013 | 26

Physics students have calculated the time it would take to teleport someone between two points.

Science & Technology

Scientists teleport photons over 97 km

5-13-2012 | 29

Chinese physicists have managed to teleport photons over 97km using quantum entanglement.

Science & Technology

Year's biggest breakthrough: teleporation

12-20-2010 | 26

Science Magazine has deemed teleportation as 2010's biggest science breakthrough.

Science & Technology

Teleportation and quantum entanglement

8-3-2010 | 41

Scientists are taking gradual steps towards the concept of teleportation via quantum entanglement.

Science & Technology

Science fiction breaks free from fantasy

8-29-2009 | 5

Physicist Dr Michio Kaku has said that the world of science fiction may be a lot closer than fantasy to reality, with te...

Science & Technology

New quantum teleportation scheme proposed

7-18-2009 | 0

Up until now quantum teleportation has mainly involved the transfer of the quantum state from one particle to another, b...

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