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Space & Astronomy

Toyota unveils manned lunar rover concept

 VIDEO  3-14-2019 | 6

The automotive giant has designed a new pressurized vehicle that astronauts can drive around on the moon.

Science & Technology

Toyota robot can now be controlled remotely

 VIDEO  12-2-2018 | 5

Toyota's remarkably impressive T-HR31 humanoid robot can now be controlled by an operator six miles away.

Science & Technology

Toyota has patented a 'cloaking device'

8-23-2017 | 9

The car manufacturer is aiming to use a form of cloaking technology to improve driver visibility.

Science & Technology

Toyota unveils new miniature companion robot

 VIDEO  10-3-2016 | 24

Kirobo Mini is designed to act a lot like a small child and is intended to help keep people company.

Science & Technology

Lexus creates working car wheels out of ice

 VIDEO  12-22-2015 | 15

Toyota's luxury car division Lexus has managed to drive a car on four wheels made entirely out of ice.

Science & Technology

Lexus unveils its own take on the hoverboard

 VIDEO  6-25-2015 | 11

Toyota's luxury car division has revealed that it has been working on its own hovering skateboard.

Science & Technology

Wheelchair 'steered by thought' unveiled

7-2-2009 | 3

Toyota have announced that they have invented a system for allowing a person to steer an electric wheelchair using nothi...

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