Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Nature & Environment

Two-headed snake discovered in a Florida home

10-23-2020 | 1

State wildlife officials have revealed the discovery of a rare snake with two heads at a woman's house.

Nature & Environment

Two-headed sea turtle found in South Carolina

8-30-2019 | 6

A sea turtle monitoring group discovered the unusual hatchling on a beach on Hilton Head Island on Tuesday.

World of the Bizarre

Two-headed snake discovered in Virginia

9-23-2018 | 8

An 'extremely rare' adult copperhead snake with two heads was recently found in a garden in Woodbridge.

Nature & Environment

Two-headed porpoise caught in the North Sea

6-15-2017 | 9

Discovered off the coast of the Netherlands, the specimen is the first of its kind ever found.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds rise of two-headed sharks

11-4-2016 | 24

Scientists have reported an unexplained rise in the number of sharks being found with two heads.

Nature & Environment

Divers discover weird two-headed sea slug

 VIDEO  9-19-2015 | 5

The bizarre creature was found on the sea floor during a dive in the tropical waters of Borneo.

World of the Bizarre

Freak show acquires rare two-headed snake

 VIDEO  9-5-2015 | 6

Todd Ray forked out $50,000 to obtain an incredibly rare albino Honduran Milk Snake with two heads.

Nature & Environment

Health concerns raised over two-headed fish

2-25-2012 | 11

Authorities have been investigating environmental factors that could have created a trout with two heads.

Nature & Environment

Two-headed albino snake unveiled

7-1-2010 | 4

A 9-month-old hognose snake that is not only albino but possesses two heads has been unveiled at a sideshow.

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