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Modern Mysteries

Voices of the past revealed inside old dolls

 VIDEO  5-7-2015 | 21

Early voice recordings from the 1880s have finally been played thanks to a new technique using computers.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery voice guides rescuers to trapped girl

3-10-2015 | 48

An 18-month-old child was saved after rescuers discovered she was trapped inside a submerged car.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Edison planned to build a 'spirit phone'

3-8-2015 | 49

Thomas Edison had attempted to come up with a device that could record voices from beyond the grave.

Nature & Environment

Brain scans reveal dogs' vocal responses

2-22-2014 | 10

A new study has shown that a dog's brain reacts to voices in much the same way as the brain of a human.

Science & Technology

Do we all have a unique 'voiceprint' ?

2-16-2013 | 7

Ever since the events of 9/11, scientists have been trying to find a reliable way to recognize voices.

Nature & Environment

Beluga whale mimics human voice

10-23-2012 | 26

Scientists have identified a beluga whale capable of producing eerily human-like vocalizations.

Science & Technology

Unlocking the secrets of the human voice

4-25-2012 | 5

Scientists working at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience are studying human speech.

World of the Bizarre

'Mute' autistic man has amazing singing voice

3-9-2012 | 4

Autistic man who speaks only a handful of words has perfect pitch and a singing voice to match.

World of the Bizarre

Vicar shocked as public toilet starts talking

8-16-2011 | 16

A vicar has complained after being shocked by a recorded female voice in a Shropshire lavatory.

World of the Bizarre

Company presses your ashes into vinyl

8-30-2010 | 12

A company in the UK is offering a service that will press your ashes in to a vinyl recording of your own voice.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Baby's voice wakes mother from coma

10-10-2009 | 4

A mother who fell in to a coma after contracting food poisoning was brought back to life after hearing the sound of her ...

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