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Space & Astronomy

Could warp drive actually become a reality ?

4-26-2021 | 64

The idea of using warp drive to travel across large distances is not as far-fetched as it might seem.

Science & Technology

New warp drive patent has emerged online

3-6-2021 | 3

A fascinating new patent for a real-life warp drive has been published by two engineers from Chicago.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life warp drive concept is gaining traction

3-2-2020 | 23

The idea that a spacecraft could 'warp' over vast distances of space may have genuine potential.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life warp drive may actually be possible

9-25-2019 | 26

A concept for a faster-than-light drive that does not violate the laws of physics has been gaining momentum.

Space & Astronomy

Can we travel faster than the speed of light?

8-17-2015 | 21

Professor Geraint Lewis believes that traveling at warp speed may actually be a viable possibility.

Space & Astronomy

Has NASA just discovered warp drive ?

4-28-2015 | 70

The space agency has reportedly produced a Star Trek style 'warp field' inside an experimental engine.

Science & Technology

Man develops a warp drive in his garage

12-24-2014 | 42

Omaha resident David Pares has built what he believes to be the world’s first low-power warp drive motor.

Space & Astronomy

NASA physicists design warp speed spaceship

6-13-2014 | 33

The impressive designs are based on Harold White's real-life work developing a genuine warp drive.

Space & Astronomy

NASA investigating warp drive

7-24-2013 | 44

Researchers at NASA are working on developing a real-world counterpart to Star Trek's warp drive.

Science & Technology

Is NASA developing warp drive ?

9-18-2012 | 96

Could NASA be working on technology that could one day enable us to travel to other solar systems ?

Science & Technology

Star Trek's warp drive: not impossible

5-8-2009 | 47

One of science fiction's most prominent space-faring technologies, the warp drive, is potentially not impossible. As the...

Science & Technology

Quantum setback for warp drives

4-4-2009 | 18

A new study in to the possibility of a real life warp drive has concluded that travelling faster than light is impossibl...

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