Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Universities offering 'alien search' course

Posted on Friday, 20 July, 2012 | Comment icon 28 comments

Image credit: Hajor, Wikimedia

Edinburgh University is to become the latest to offer an online course on the search for alien life.

The course is being provided as part of the Coursera scheme, a project encouraging leading institutions to provide high-calibre courses to people all over the world. Entitled "Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life", the new course will be headed by astrobiologist Professor Charles Cockell and will explore questions such as "Is there life on other planetary bodies ?" and "How is it distributed throughout the Universe ?"

"We are trying to pick subjects that will interest people who may not have a higher education background, but at the same time these courses are based on a strong basis of knowledge," said university spokesman Ranald Leask.

"Edinburgh University will launch a series of short courses accessible online to the public for free from late 2012, including an opportunity to study an "Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #19 Posted by Occams Razor on 29 July, 2012, 1:13
Surprisingly (or perhaps not), it actually is free! Great! I can hardly wait.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Rob Awesome on 29 July, 2012, 2:06
Seeing as no one has found alien life yet I'm guessing the failure rate is going to be really high.
Comment icon #21 Posted by R4z3rsPar4d0x on 30 July, 2012, 21:01
Seeing as no one has found alien life yet I'm guessing the failure rate is going to be really high. How do you mean??
Comment icon #22 Posted by R4z3rsPar4d0x on 30 July, 2012, 21:03
I think this is an excellent idea also people need to realize just how incredible our universe is and maybe taking these classes will help with that
Comment icon #23 Posted by Rob Awesome on 31 July, 2012, 22:45
How do you mean?? If it's an alien search course the only way you should graduate is if you find an alien.
Comment icon #24 Posted by psyche101 on 1 August, 2012, 5:06
I have to offer a positive two cents as well. With all the extra solar planets found in the last couple of decades, it seems a rather prudent move forward. Many minds and all that.
Comment icon #25 Posted by schizoidwoman on 1 August, 2012, 16:39
Great! I can hardly wait. If you do enrol on the course, let us know how it goes!
Comment icon #26 Posted by -M7 on 12 November, 2012, 5:33
Does it say how to find the aliens already on Earth?
Comment icon #27 Posted by s33ker on 12 November, 2012, 6:23
this should be way more usful than the ghost hunting classes you made me snort coffee through my nose .
Comment icon #28 Posted by R4z3rsPar4d0x on 12 November, 2012, 15:33
If it's an alien search course the only way you should graduate is if you find an alien. With thinking like that I doubt anyone would pass the class

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