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  Angel in window
Angel in window
Image credit: © mike jacobs

Uploader comment: A shadow in the top right hand corner looks to have the outline of an angel. this was taken at thanksgiving 2006. comment on what u think


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Comments on this image:
Comment icon #31 Posted by MisterSuperGod on 7 March, 2014, 14:11
Yeah, no!
Comment icon #30 Posted by sjacobs14 on 20 February, 2012, 3:35
My mom was the one that took this picture. There is nothing outside that window no trees or anything. Outside the window is about 25-30 foot drop off.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Blues Girl on 20 June, 2011, 1:57
I think it's a bird crashing into the window
Comment icon #28 Posted by sjacobs14 on 13 February, 2011, 2:17
well the thing is there are no trees in or around that area. and there is no statue or anything outside. believe me... i know. fyi the window is not ground level its 15-25 feet above ground level.
Comment icon #27 Posted by d e v i c e on 17 December, 2010, 2:17
I dunno about angels
Comment icon #26 Posted by doeboy1225 on 24 October, 2010, 20:57
ITS A FAKE!! It is simply a angel statue
Comment icon #25 Posted by tattooguy on 6 August, 2010, 21:09
not sure if that's an angel, looks to be a bit more sinister, but it does seem to be something paranormal
Comment icon #24 Posted by ellejay on 24 July, 2010, 2:08
i like your angelvine. new breed?
Comment icon #23 Posted by tweaker on 29 June, 2010, 23:37
Why trees? Probably a statue.
Comment icon #22 Posted by sarhii on 10 August, 2009, 2:56
They call those trees.
Comment icon #21 Posted by agent mothman on 16 October, 2008, 23:52
It is just tree branches with light coming through at different angles, although it does look cool.
Comment icon #20 Posted by jackdoesntcare on 5 October, 2008, 17:11
Just looks like a bundle of twigs
Comment icon #19 Posted by pariah on 26 September, 2008, 17:59
Ok. Looks to me like a hanging plant on the back porch with the top of a tree in the backround making the "head".
Comment icon #18 Posted by ericofbodom on 30 June, 2008, 19:50
Comment icon #17 Posted by cruz1923 on 31 March, 2008, 17:24
looks like a tree but who knows
Comment icon #16 Posted by erin2008 on 29 March, 2008, 22:59
I think its pretty cool because you know that you have an angel watching you...The only thing that's confusing is that its black...
Comment icon #15 Posted by wickedwendigo on 19 March, 2008, 16:19
very cool but not supernatural
Comment icon #14 Posted by your worst nightmare on 6 February, 2008, 13:39
come now guys. dont u know a tree when you see one?
Comment icon #13 Posted by s.t.u. on 10 December, 2007, 2:48
If there are no trees in that area are there bushes or a pool? The remainder of what looks to be the continuance of tree branches is actual the curtain pattern. Am I correct. What does a dark angel signify?
Comment icon #12 Posted by amybabes on 22 September, 2007, 11:43
it looks like a huge angry butterfly that has gone splat against the window
Comment icon #11 Posted by necrochildk on 29 August, 2007, 10:41
It sure looks like a tree to me. I mean you can see a knot on the lower right of the trunk, a big one, and on the left the light is highlighting the cracks and all of the bark.
Comment icon #10 Posted by offamychain on 7 August, 2007, 4:07
Branches & leaves "matrixing" into something that the mind wants to see. Very common happening & nothing "unexplained" here.
Comment icon #9 Posted by hauntedguy on 30 July, 2007, 20:06
my friend said he saw something just like this, hmmm
Comment icon #8 Posted by myyoungblood on 26 July, 2007, 12:49
You got yuself a guardian angel friend.
Comment icon #7 Posted by mike jacobs on 20 July, 2007, 17:12
but the thing is there isnt any trees in that area.
Comment icon #6 Posted by miss_c_88 on 17 June, 2007, 20:45
yeah..i think its a tree and branches..
Comment icon #5 Posted by nothinggreatstaysthesame on 3 May, 2007, 15:32
....if it is only "branches" in the yard, it's amazing how they form in this photo to appear to look so "angelic"
Comment icon #4 Posted by rollingthunder06 on 29 April, 2007, 10:23
Could be a shadow but it makes an awesome picture.
Comment icon #3 Posted by dissident_dreamer on 24 March, 2007, 8:56
a simple shadow....
Comment icon #2 Posted by kurogawa_ryuu on 14 March, 2007, 12:56
Nah that's the boy hungry man from next door...don't take icecream from him.
Comment icon #1 Posted by aesahaettr on 27 February, 2007, 4:17
looks like some tree branches
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mike jacobs
February 17, 2007, 3:15 am
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