Monday, May 30, 2016
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Ufologist Dr. Roger Leir has died

Posted on Sunday, 16 March, 2014 | Comment icon 40 comments

Dr. Roger Leir. Image Credit: YouTube / Citizens Hearing on Disclosure
The researcher and author was best known for his work investigating alleged extraterrestrial implants.
A well known figure in the UFO community, Leir's work gained worldwide attention thanks to his investigations in to the phenomenon of alien implants and his alleged removal of several such objects from the bodies of abductees.

These 'devices' appeared to exhibit anomalous isotropic ratios and chemical compositions comparable to those found in meteorite samples, leading Leir to conclude that they may be extraterrestrial in origin. Several prestigious laboratories have examined these objects over the years however the results remain both controversial and inconclusive.

In addition to his research, Leir has also been a speaker at multiple international conferences and symposiums and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows to discuss his work.

Described as a great family man with a passion and devotion to his field, Leir will be forever remembered as one of the world's most dedicated and controversial UFO researchers.

Source: Examiner | Comments (40)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #31 Posted by Hawkin on 17 March, 2014, 23:44
That is a chuck of change for both. Both with different views but both walking to the bank with a big grin on their faces. hmm
Comment icon #32 Posted by psyche101 on 18 March, 2014, 0:23
I could see that being completely true, the ones I have seen I am 100% certain are natural phenomena, but to me that does not lessen the intrigue nor mystery. I honestly believe that any genuine mystery which may well exist is completely destroyed by UFOlogists. They have his feverish ideal that everyone in the world is wrong and cannot see the incredible proof that they do of alien visitation. Like Thor Leader of the Earth Protectorant. They do not ask "what did it look like" they will start showing you pictures of alien spaceships they feel are visiting earth and get you to singl... [More]
Comment icon #33 Posted by Hawkin on 18 March, 2014, 2:57
I don't know if this has ever been attempted by UFO investigators. But if I was one, I would interview claimed abductees that say they are abducted on a regular basis. Anyway, without their knowledge of knowing about it, I would stakeout there homes from a fair distance and look for unusual activity. Power outages, interference of electronics, a craft hovering over the house, figures moving about. If I didn't see any of this going on and the abductee claims abduction on a night of a stakeout, I would be scratching my head on that.
Comment icon #34 Posted by psyche101 on 18 March, 2014, 3:21
There are groups dedicated to abductees. You might enjoy this watch, it is an Aussie documentary of Mary Rodwell. Her son is a skeptic, but tags along with Mum on a countryside jaunt to speak to "abductees". I found it a very interesting watch. The son tries to understand Mum, but stands behind her no matter what. A terrific kid. She debats a prof at some point and loses badly too. It would make a good thread actually. I bet the show offers many discussion points. Many cases have been investigated, and witnesses do not seem to match up to the claims, or the witnesses have been ... [More]
Comment icon #35 Posted by dr no on 18 March, 2014, 3:30
Alien to the human body perhaps not alien to earth,no implant ever has had an extraterrestrial origin
Comment icon #36 Posted by Hawkin on 18 March, 2014, 4:51
Very interesting documentary P. It surprised me that the 1st guy failed the polygraph test but it was even a bigger surprise that the 2nd guy passed. The 1st guy's story would seem more believable then the 2nd guy saying he had 2 blonds in bed with him seemly wanting to lay pipe. The son seemed to soften his view on the phenomena a bit but still there's that hard evidence to confirm it. And I can understand that.
Comment icon #37 Posted by psyche101 on 19 March, 2014, 3:20
I found it an interesting watch too, very honest I thought. The second guy - that's the robust fellow with the dark hair? If we are speaking of the same one, that is totally him relaying a wet dream, which when you think about it, makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit. He is gross as that bloke. I'd say he has mountains of trouble getting laid, not abduction problems. I honestly thought it was brave of Mary to see him. He seems quite the classic abduction weirdo and I would not be alone with him if I was a female. I thought he was a real champion. Despite Mary's wackine... [More]
Comment icon #38 Posted by Hawkin on 19 March, 2014, 3:48
I do think the college professor could have been more professional on the debate with Mary then making jokes. But by him attacking her like that seem to make Chris grow closer to his mum and accept her for what she is instead of tearing their relationship apart. It was a blessing in disguise.
Comment icon #39 Posted by psyche101 on 19 March, 2014, 4:21
Yes, I would say you are totally correct there, it did seem to make him "feel" for his mother, however, when one takes fantasy and tries to argue it is fact, one is bound to meet a brick wall sooner or later, the real world is very unforgiving and offers little sympathy for deliberate ignorance. The skeptics here seem harsh at times, but the real world is like a thousand times worse. Peer review scrutinises every I and every T, the Flores man find is a powerful example of how critical science is of itself. In that case, proof had to jump many hurdles to be finally accepted as fact.
Comment icon #40 Posted by wallarookiller on 19 March, 2014, 23:40
RIP Dr. Leir. Hope your family is doing well.

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