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Hawking predicts Moon base within 50 years

Posted on Wednesday, 19 March, 2014 | Comment icon 9 comments

Will we be living on the Moon within 50 years ? Image Credit: NASA/Dennis M. Davidson
The legendary astrophysicist spoke about the future during a recent TV broadcast about the space station.
Hawking warned that the Earth's population is growing too rapidly and is using too many resources for the planet to sustain our civilization for much longer. Soon, he maintains, we will have to move out in to space and start to colonize other worlds in order to grow and survive as a species.

"Our planet is an old world, threatened with an ever-expanding population and finite resources," he said. "We must anticipate these threats and have a plan B."

Hawking also predicted that within the next 50 years we will see people living and working on the Moon and that a manned mission to Mars will also happen in the not-too-distant future.

"If our species is to survive the next hundred years, let alone a thousand, it is imperative we voyage out into the blackness of space to colonize new worlds across the cosmos," he said. "If we follow this path, I have no doubt that this century will go down, in the history of humankind, as the true Space Age."

Source: Daily Press | Comments (9)

Tags: Stephen Hawking, ISS

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by seeder on 19 March, 2014, 16:21
I dont know why this Hawking fellow is making predictions - when the moonbase proposals have been in place for some time Wiki says: Recent proposals As of 2006, Japan planned to have a Moon base in 2030. As of 2007, Russia planned to have a Moon base in 2027–2032. In 2007 Jim Burke of the International Space University in France said people should plan to preserve humanity's culture in the event of a civilization-stopping asteroid impact with Earth. A Lunar Noah's Ark was proposed. Subsequent planning may be taken up by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG). I... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by ancient astronaut on 19 March, 2014, 16:28
With all the talk of Helium 3 on the moon, I would think it would be a lot quicker. I also don't think that it will be a(n) government, and more likely a corporation seeking profit instead.
Comment icon #3 Posted by ancient astronaut on 19 March, 2014, 16:30
Newt Gingrich also wrote crappy science fiction novel(s) as well.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Aten on 19 March, 2014, 18:02
Hmm, hardly much of a prediction really is it? I should think its only cost thats is stopping it happening right now, I am sure the current technology is up to a moon base by now, isn't it? maybe 10-15 yrs..
Comment icon #5 Posted by seeder on 19 March, 2014, 18:18
Considering there has been an underwater base for a while now, a moon base is very feasible and do-able, just very expensive
Comment icon #6 Posted by Junior Chubb on 19 March, 2014, 19:52
Here's to hoping... BTW shouldn't this be in the ? I think its a question of drive rather than ability.
Comment icon #7 Posted by AZDZ on 19 March, 2014, 20:27
Pleeease. My spidey-senses are tingling off the hook at this sudden announcement. Allow me to translate; Please people, don't lose hope. We know a madman has his finger on the button, and planes can now disappear without a trace but please don't get discouraged. We are working on the situation and hope to return you to your regularly carefree lives as soon as possible.
Comment icon #8 Posted by coolguy on 20 March, 2014, 3:49
In 50 years the next guy will say we will have a base on the moon in the next 20 years.there will never be a moon base its only sci-fic
Comment icon #9 Posted by beelzebufo on 20 March, 2014, 23:53
People used to say the same thing about heavier-than-air flying machines.

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