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Could wormholes enable us to time travel ?

Posted on Monday, 26 May, 2014 | Comment icon 81 comments

Could a wormhole be a portal to another time ? Image Credit: NASA

If a wormhole stayed open long enough it may be possible to send messages back and forth through time.

A wormhole is essentially a shortcut through the fabric of spacetime, a passageway that joins two separate points and through which something could theoretically pass in order to traverse large distances almost instantly.

Some physicists have taken this idea one step further by speculating that wormholes may exist for which each end resides in a different time as well as in a different place. If this turns out to be true then sending a photon through one of these inter-dimensional corridors could make it possible to send messages in to the past or future.

The catch however is that wormholes are only thought to exist for a tiny fraction of a second, far too short an existence to send anything through.

Now physicist Luke Butcher from the University of Cambridge has put forward a new idea that may be able to bypass this issue. His paper details the notion that if a wormhole is longer than it is wide then the energy within it may be sufficient to keep it open for long enough to send something through.

Whether these predictions will ever amount to a workable time travel mechanism remains to be seen, but it will certainly be interesting to observe first hand the peculiar physics going on inside one of these space-bending vortices if scientists ever do get the opportunity to study one up close.

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Tags: Photon, Time Travel

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #72 Posted by psyche101 on 5 June, 2014, 8:03
How does a Quantum computer open wormholes? What they do is replace 1's and 0's with qubits that can be both at once achieving more than one state simultaneously, which obviously increased computing power and speed - how does that make a wormhole?
Comment icon #73 Posted by psyche101 on 5 June, 2014, 8:06
Unless the film frame idea is correct. One theory postulates that if you go back in time and shoot your Grandpa, he will wake up as normal the next day. The idea being that time is already recorded - like a roll of film, and you have only re-written one captured frame.
Comment icon #74 Posted by Leonardo on 5 June, 2014, 9:23
I suspect our difference lay in how we used the word 'shared', and I can now see that our positions are not really different at all. Thanks for the discussion and for being patient!
Comment icon #75 Posted by geonerd on 17 October, 2014, 21:13
Qubits are in superposition. They pop in and out of existence and can be in multiple places at once, not just two. In the macro world, this is spooky action at a distance, but in the quantum world it is business as usual. Qubits appear to exist in multiple places at once. This is an illusion. The macro world is too large to experience quantum effects. Instead the macro world experiences time. That is one moment in time attached to the next moment giving the perception of time. Ask how are the effects of quantum entanglement possible. Well they aren't in the macro world where we ... [More]
Comment icon #76 Posted by Frank Merton on 17 October, 2014, 21:19
I think somewhere in all that you lost contact with the ground.
Comment icon #77 Posted by geonerd on 17 October, 2014, 22:53
Look up Stuart Hameroff at the AZ State University. He is a professor and doctor there. He has published many papers on the microtubules and consciousness. He runs the Center for Consciousness Studies. I'm well grounded. Sorry you don't understand. Keep at it and maybe one day!!
Comment icon #78 Posted by Frank Merton on 17 October, 2014, 22:56
I understand well enough. Your arrogance only serves to reinforce my original suspicion.
Comment icon #79 Posted by bison on 18 October, 2014, 1:11
Read over the article linked in the original post. The classic deion of the Casimir effect, involving two metal plates, and the creation of negative energy between them set me thinking. If a long enough wormhole can do the same thing, could we increase the negative energy inside it, and so hold it open, by directing electromagnetic energy at it , at a wavelength longer than can get through it? For example, if the wormhole portals are one meter in diameter, direct two meter wavelength radio waves at it.
Comment icon #80 Posted by geonerd on 18 October, 2014, 2:27
Arrogance. How's that. You are funny. Did you have a bad day. Did someone pee in your corn flakes.
Comment icon #81 Posted by bison on 25 October, 2014, 19:53
If a wormhole acts something like a fiber optic tube, it might be possible to send an image of a circle of light through it, equal in diameter to the mouth of the wormhole. As this traveled through the wormhole it would act like a hollow beam, with most of the energy concentrated near the edges of the wormhole. This might make the central part of the worm hole assume a relative negative energy density, and so hold it open as long as the image of the light circle was transmitted.

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