Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Earth fossils could be found on the moon

Posted on Wednesday, 30 July, 2014 | Comment icon 19 comments

Could we find fossils on the moon ? Image Credit: NASA / Sean Smith
Scientists believe that fossils from the Earth could be potentially found on the surface of the moon.
This conclusion was reached following a study at the University of Kent which aimed to determine if it was at all viable for a fossil to survive the process of impacting on the lunar surface after being flung in to space by an asteroid collision.

To do this the researchers used ice to simulate a fossil-filled meteoroid and then fired it in to a bag of water using a gas-powered gun - an effective way of mimicking the rapid deceleration and high pressures of an impact on the moon.

While none of the fossils during the experiment survived the ordeal intact, there were examples of some fossil fragments that had not been destroyed by the process. In practice this might still be enough to learn something new about the Earth given that the remaining fossils would be better preserved on the moon than they would have been on our own planet.

"The idea that fragments of Earth rocks littering the lunar surface could be preserving a fossil record spanning much of Earth's history is intriguing," said Kieren Torres Howard at the City University of New York. "Actually discovering them would be amazing - another reason we should hurry back to the Moon."

Source: New Scientist | Comments (19)

Tags: Earth, Moon, Fossils

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by JVG on 30 July, 2014, 18:57
We are a throw away society...
Comment icon #11 Posted by shrooma on 30 July, 2014, 19:07
. 500yrs ago, everything that was made was made to last. it had to be- replacing things wasn't really an option, but now? first lot in history to make things with an inbuilt redundancy. usually the week after the warranty runs out. throwaway society indeed JVG.... .
Comment icon #12 Posted by paperdyer on 30 July, 2014, 19:47
Cows are worse. Are we going to get off of them?
Comment icon #13 Posted by paperdyer on 30 July, 2014, 19:51
Let's not forget the new technology like cell phones that have a new model virtually monthly. Or the latest notebook or Nook. Today's Yuppie has to have the newest of everything or he falls behind in status. When I get something new, I generally get the best, but I wait until it wears out to replace it.
Comment icon #14 Posted by JVG on 30 July, 2014, 21:37
No just give them Beano....
Comment icon #15 Posted by PersonFromPorlock on 1 August, 2014, 16:02
There has been plenty of dreck produced throughout history, but we don't see it because only the stuff 'made to last' has lasted. Odd, that.
Comment icon #16 Posted by shrooma on 1 August, 2014, 18:15
. ok PFP- how about this? 500yrs ago, if you had a plough, a decent bowl, and a spoon, you were 'comfortable'. would you have settled for a 'rough as' bowl? a plough that was 'a bit s#!t'? a 'spork'?! . you wouldn't, would you. you'd be too busy subsistence-working to give a crap about furnishings. your heavy blanket was all that you needed..... .
Comment icon #17 Posted by stevemagegod on 3 August, 2014, 3:30
If there is fossils on the moon then how would we know it is from Earth? And not from an Asteroid impact that originates outside are Solar System?
Comment icon #18 Posted by Timmeh on 3 August, 2014, 10:27
I wonder what scientific value such a fossil would have? After all it's not in situ any longer, fragmented and dis-articulated.
Comment icon #19 Posted by RaymondEternal on 4 August, 2014, 12:29
A great cover up story *clap*

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