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Pair rescued in Bermuda Triangle

Posted on Wednesday, 25 February, 2009 | Comment icon 7 comments

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The Bermuda Triangle is a region that is infamous for the mysterious disappearances of boats and planes with people never being seen or heard from again. In a story revealed this week a couple from Manchester have described how they became stranded at sea in the region when their boat's rudder broke, leaving them stranded for 40 days until finally being rescued.

"A man from Greater Manchester has spoken about being rescued near the Bermuda Triangle after being lost at sea for 40 days."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by jbondo on 25 February, 2009, 14:57
By running out of essential supplies on the last day they meant running out of Champagne and caviar. It was horrible when they realized that all they had left on board was regular old wine, brie and truffles and to make things worse the wine was domestic.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Resonance on 25 February, 2009, 17:27
Yes, seems to me these 'strandees' have too much money.
Comment icon #3 Posted by SpIdErCyDe on 25 February, 2009, 20:47
Anybody ask them if they saw / experienced anything weird while being stranded?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Elite on 26 February, 2009, 0:04
i think they would have mentioned it anyway, without having to be asked
Comment icon #5 Posted by sarah snow on 26 February, 2009, 0:19
Oh the hardship eh It doesn't mention in the article (I may have missed it) why they were unable to contact anyone? Only the rudder broke- is that attached to the radio? Just sounds to me like people looking to get their 15 minutes. If they went out to sea with inadequate equipment then I have little sympathy I'm afraid as at least they lives to tell the tale and of course collect a media fee
Comment icon #6 Posted by Darkwind on 26 February, 2009, 3:02
Maybe they won the lottery. I am glad they were found, but I don't see a mystery. Must have been quite a trip on the 600ft tanker all the way to Amsterdam.
Comment icon #7 Posted by SpIdErCyDe on 26 February, 2009, 15:04 that took a while, but Amsterdam, the best city in the world!!

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