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Woman has 'phantom' third arm

Posted on Monday, 13 April, 2009 | Comment icon 68 comments

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A 64-year-old woman who suffered a stroke is now in the possession of a third arm that she can see, feel and move yet which does not physically exist. The rare phenomenon is known as a supernumerary phantom limb.

"A 64-year-old woman has reported to doctors at Geneva University Hospital the presence of a pale, milky-white and translucent third arm."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #59 Posted by SpIdErCyDe on 16 April, 2009, 13:28
Brawl, just so you know,Your = shows possession, "your hammer, your eraser, those objects are yours."You're = you are, "you're going to the store, you're going to play a video game", etc.
Comment icon #60 Posted by brawl on 16 April, 2009, 13:32
Your totally right
Comment icon #61 Posted by schizoidwoman on 16 April, 2009, 13:37
That's a really good idea, if everyone had a phantom hand, the world might be a calmer place.
Comment icon #62 Posted by brawl on 16 April, 2009, 13:41
And I could scratch my butt all day long and no one would know it
Comment icon #63 Posted by Resonance on 16 April, 2009, 13:57
Yep, that's definitely a possibility.
Comment icon #64 Posted by SpIdErCyDe on 16 April, 2009, 14:00
Your hopeless. lol
Comment icon #65 Posted by Resonance on 16 April, 2009, 14:24
I very much hope that you weren't directing that towards me.Seeing as I was the last poster, it's possible... so....Either me or Brawl, I'm sure.Which is it?
Comment icon #66 Posted by brawl on 16 April, 2009, 14:29
It was for me... "I assume it was a compliment because my joke was so bad that it was funny" "And if you look closely, then you'll see that he responded with the same kind of lame joke which makes it even funnier"
Comment icon #67 Posted by Resonance on 16 April, 2009, 16:37
Quite true.
Comment icon #68 Posted by SpIdErCyDe on 17 April, 2009, 12:44
Exactly right, excellent deductive reasoning, as I was definitely unclear in my post to who was the recepient of my response joke lol. Resonance posted while I was in process of responding originally lol.

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