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Luntik: The amazing cat with four ears

Posted on Sunday, 15 August, 2010 | Comment icon 13 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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A three-month-old kitten living in Vladivostok, Russia was born with a peculiar set of additional ears.

While having four ears might seem very useful to have unfortunately the two additional ones aren't capable of hearing. Cats with four ears are very rare but not unheard of, another example is a cat called Yoda in Chicago with a set of secondary ears even larger than those sported by newcomer Luntik.

"The brief Seventies craze for quadraphonic sound might have lasted a little longer if there were more cats like Luntik around."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Moon Princess on 14 August, 2010, 18:03
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a cute kitty!! This is a first. I've never known an animal to have four ears.
Comment icon #5 Posted by 27vet on 15 August, 2010, 16:46
He's all ears!
Comment icon #6 Posted by bcute10 on 15 August, 2010, 19:21
Awww! The extra ears just make him cuter!
Comment icon #7 Posted by Hatch on 15 August, 2010, 20:12
When my cat was a kitten she had the biggest ears I had ever seen on a kitty, they were like satilite dishes on her little head and the longest tail and then... she grew in to them. She is so tall she can comfortably set her head on the kitchen table with her back paws still on the floor. BIG CAT!
Comment icon #8 Posted by Bamboo Samurai on 16 August, 2010, 4:18
Doesn't matter how many ears it has, it still probable wont listen to ya........
Comment icon #9 Posted by Helen of Annoy on 16 August, 2010, 15:39
It really is one big cat. Is she Maine Coon? Part Maine Coon? Part... lion?
Comment icon #10 Posted by ShadowSot on 16 August, 2010, 17:18
Hm.. doesn't really look so much like extra vestigial ears, as much as that little flap on the ears is over grown. Still, yeah, cute kitty.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Katherineelvira on 16 August, 2010, 22:34
That is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen and I have seen alot of kittens in my years. I just want to squeeze him!
Comment icon #12 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: on 19 August, 2010, 15:43
Haha, the extra ears almost look like fur horns. It's a little devil kitty!
Comment icon #13 Posted by lotsocats100 on 11 September, 2010, 1:11
Meow!!! Too cute!!!

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