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Was Roswell a Soviet plot to cause US panic ?

Posted on Saturday, 14 May, 2011 | Comment icon 438 comments | News tip by: Persia

A new book claims that the Roswell Incident had nothing to do with aliens and was actually a Soviet plot.

The alleged UFO crash at Roswell in New Mexico in 1947 has been at the forefont of UFO culture and conspiracy theories for decades, but now author Annie Jacobsen has put forward the idea that the crash wasn't alien at all but in fact a secret Soviet plot designed to instill panic and fear in America based on the reactions observed following the broadcast of Orson Wells' radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds.

"But now, sadly for UFO spotters, a new book offers an entirely man-made – and some would say even more bizarre – explanation, featuring two of the greatest villains of 20th century history: the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin and the infamous Nazi “Angel of Death” Dr Joseph Mengele."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #429 Posted by The Religious Hoax on 24 June, 2011, 16:45
I see that a point of contention here is a lack of coverage or reporting on Roswell prior to 1970. This shouldn't surprise anyone since the MSM's messaging and content was (and probably still is) controlled by the CIA's propaganda department, it's all right here for you to read about: Any claims about a lack of coverage or conflicting stories about Roswell by the MSM are 100% complete garbage. The original local article published in Roswell is still the best piec... [More]
Comment icon #430 Posted by mcrom901 on 24 June, 2011, 17:08
they killed him...
Comment icon #431 Posted by The Religious Hoax on 24 June, 2011, 17:39
FYI, your link doesn't work.
Comment icon #432 Posted by skyeagle409 on 24 June, 2011, 18:40
Thanks for posting the map. It depicts where Wright-Patterson AFB is located in relation to Circleville. As I've mentioned earlier, Wright-Patterson AFB would have been a better location to put forth your CIC hypothesis, not Roswell AAF, and the time frame of the Circleville recovery fits right in there with your CIC hypothesis and the fact the story in Circleville made it to a newspaper in Fort Worth, pretty much spells it out. It was just a coincidence that the Roswell incident occurred at roughly the same time as the Circleville recovery and the Muroc AFB incident. Saucers were r... [More]
Comment icon #433 Posted by skyeagle409 on 24 June, 2011, 19:21
Someone should ask the Europeans about those G'host Rockets' they have been reporting.
Comment icon #434 Posted by DONTEATUS on 24 June, 2011, 20:23
The story my Friends is Blowing in the Winds,as do most things in here ! Why not just accept that things that may seem unbelievible are indeed things that maybe real,And Visa-versa. Reality is just another way to explain what one wants to believe. the Reality of the UFO world is we dont know Its Unidentified afterall.As for E.T`s They Gotta Be Real ! I watch the News every night about L.A & Hollywoods Peeps,Thats proof enough for me !
Comment icon #435 Posted by lost_shaman on 24 June, 2011, 21:12
Yes it does fit with my hypothesis, thanks for noticing. You say it is just a coincidence, but is it also just a coincidence that Gen. Twining ordered a secret investigation on July 2nd by T-2 at Wright Field? Or that Gen. Ramey and his Intel. Chief Kalberer stopped talking to the press about Flying Saucers on that date? Or that T-2 listed Counter Intelligence as one of it's three main Goals? Or that Months later McCoy, head of T-2, was bragging to the Scientific advisory Board that they had hundreds of reports that hadn't been reported in the Press? Yeah people were seeing... [More]
Comment icon #436 Posted by skyeagle409 on 25 June, 2011, 8:27
It was a coincidence. Circleville was basically downwind from Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Circleville recovery story also made it in the newspaper in Fort Worth, where it was used in the way that your hypothesis is all about. One of the reasons why I disagree with Roswell AAF as being the point base for your hypothesis, is because of the mission of the 509th. The duties of the commanding officer was much too important for him to be involved in such a CIC operation . His base was a very important strategic nuclear base and for him to be involved in such an operation would have taken him ... [More]
Comment icon #437 Posted by lost_shaman on 25 June, 2011, 8:59
Let me stop you right there Sky! You know as well as I do that Blanchard took leave around or before Noon on the day in question (July 8th). If you are so adamant that Blanchard would not want to be a part of a CI operation then how do you explain the fact that Blanchard officially transferred power on that date and took leave? We both agree that Blanchard did in-fact authorize the Press release Haut delivered. The fact that he then took leave and transferred power is strange but it fits with my hypothesis and you actually make some good points to support that even though that was not ... [More]
Comment icon #438 Posted by Nufc1966 on 17 August, 2011, 17:46
I agree

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