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What happened to the flags on the moon ?

Posted on Saturday, 9 July, 2011 | Comment icon 21 comments | News tip by: Persia

Image credit: NASA

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted the first flag on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

There were difficulties even during the process of setting it up, the astronauts had trouble placing the pole deep enough in to the ground and extending the aparatus designed to keep the flag outstretched. The flag itself was nothing special, made from the same materials as any other flag might be on earth and ordered from a government supply catalogue. More than 40 years on its unlikely that the flag is still in pristine condition, decades of sun-rot and micro-meteor impacts will have left it worn and tattered.

"As a symbol of the Fourth of July holiday, it is easy for the conversation this time of year to turn to iconic American flags, like the flag the Marines raised at Iwo Jima; the one firefighters put up at ground zero; and the one that flew over Fort McHenry and was the inspiration for what would become our national anthem."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by Chelle66 on 9 July, 2011, 15:59
LOL @ Eldorado, that would be cool! Are we ever going to return to the moon? I wonder... It was bittersweet watching the final shuttle launch yesterday. I hope this doesn't mean the end of space exploration for the USA.
Comment icon #13 Posted by theQ54 on 9 July, 2011, 17:17
Can't be much importance....they can hit a asteroid with a they could know that if they wanted.
Comment icon #14 Posted by MID on 9 July, 2011, 17:38
I think we will, Chelle. And manned space exploration for the U.S. will happen again. We may be waiting a while, but it'll happen.
Comment icon #15 Posted by MID on 9 July, 2011, 17:40
What can't be of much importance? Know what if they wanted? The sentence didn't make much sense.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado on 9 July, 2011, 17:56
LOL (my mother talks like that... in riddles... drives me nuts)
Comment icon #17 Posted by MID on 9 July, 2011, 19:32
Been alot of posters putting up stuff like that lately. Drives me nuts a degree, because they generally don't explain it when I call them on it!
Comment icon #18 Posted by Mentalcase on 9 July, 2011, 19:47
Comment icon #19 Posted by Mentalcase on 9 July, 2011, 19:50
I know what you're talking about.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Mentalcase on 9 July, 2011, 19:51
US astronauts will be hitchhiking with other countries.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Taut on 11 July, 2011, 4:10
The Chinese will probably replace them all if there's anything left, with their own. And by the way, there's another whole program coming......look it up on the NASA site.....way kewl.

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