Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Scientists reveal glimpse of 'God particle'

Posted on Tuesday, 13 December, 2011 | Comment icon 19 comments

Image credit: Lucas Taylor

Large Hadron Collider scientists have reported glimpsing the Higgs-boson particle for the first time.

The findings were revealed at a seminar in Geneva today. Two teams have been conducting experiments that have both hinted at the existence of the particle and which have generated great excitement in the scientific community. Experts have been quick to emphasise that there isn't enough evidence yet to claim a formal discovery but nonetheless things are looking very promising. "These are intriguing hints but please be cautious - we have not found it or excluded it yet," said Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director-general of Cern.

"At a specially-arranged seminar at the Cern laboratory in Geneva, researchers presented clues in their data which suggest experts may have pinned down the "God particle" at last."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Habitat on 14 December, 2011, 7:02
Is "intriguing" a scientific term ?
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dougal on 14 December, 2011, 9:37
Somebody give this man a freakin Nobel Prize, he's clearly figured it all out! /sarcasm If some dude on the internet said it was so without any proof, he must be right, those lazy scientists at CERN need to read more UM! my face hurts from being palmed so much from reading that post
Comment icon #12 Posted by encouraged on 14 December, 2011, 17:31
I don't know if this is off-topic or not, but, IMHO... The "Cern Black Hole_End of World scenerio in 2012", falls into the same catagory as other doomsday prophesies that have met their doom; [list=1] [*]Hale Bopp [*]the turn of the millenium, [*]the Mayan calendar [*]solar eclipse (some tribal people and the European dark ages) [*]mining the land will awaken the creator beings in an angry state and they will destroy the Earth (from the Kakadu World Heritage Park phase three extension vs. mining the land debates) [*]the California occult group's comet (forget the name) pass... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by KnockoutMouse on 15 December, 2011, 2:38
An electron is 1836x less massive than a proton. They exhibit equal charge. The Higgs exists. That said, it doesn't mean ****. CERN has been looking in the wrong direction since its very inception. But I guess it all has to start somewhere. In the meantime, we'll keep to our heel, wondering just how long anything can remain unobservable. Or better yet, we'll have a decent laugh, that anyone might wonder for the ways of nothing and still fail to grasp the most obvious answers. If only we all had free will, or the fates saw fit to enslave everyone the same. But you go on believing yo... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Habitat on 15 December, 2011, 2:54
I'm tipping CERN will soon find a financial black hole the way things are in Europe.
Comment icon #15 Posted by badeskov on 15 December, 2011, 4:21
Actually, I doubt that. While things certainly look bleak in Europe, science like this is typically given a rather high priority. Secondly, a lot of the economical problems in Europe are, in my honest opinion, more psychological that actually real. Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #16 Posted by St.Anger on 23 December, 2011, 5:50
I dont get it did they name it "God" particle to mess with religion
Comment icon #17 Posted by The Silver Thong on 23 December, 2011, 6:42
No. The term `God partical` is a subtract term to explain a partical that explains everything. Hence it`s an anti god explanation as it would explain a universe with out a god creator. Not anti religion but I hope that would be the course of such. God and religion are two different things.
Comment icon #18 Posted by ninjadude on 23 December, 2011, 20:04
actually the original author named it the goddamn particle because it was so goddamn hard to find. But went with a more sensational title for the media.

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