Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Pope chased demons from St. Peter's Square

Posted on Sunday, 5 February, 2012 | Comment icon 26 comments

Image credit: Paulina Grabowiec

A leading Catholic exorcist has revealed an alleged incident in which the Pope exorcised two men.

Gabriele Amorth described how the two men had been taken to see the Pope by two of his helpers. Known only as Giovanni and Marco the men started to shake and became increasingly violent as they were brought before him. One of the men was said to have spoken in a strange voice that was not his own and announced that he was not the man he appeared to be. As the Pope proceeded to bless the men they were said to have flown backwards three metres in a sudden forceful jolt, finally free of their demonic afflictions.

"A blessing by Pope Benedict XVI exorcised the devil from two howling men during a general audience in St."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by The Unseen on 6 February, 2012, 7:45
Any Religion? Not in my book.JMO
Comment icon #18 Posted by angi chiesa on 6 February, 2012, 9:05
Sure he often speaks out to stop conflicts around the world.Well so what if noone takes any notice.Not even the Irish .
Comment icon #19 Posted by Sevenof Seven on 6 February, 2012, 10:07
First of all, Hello to the Vatican (we know that you will be reading this at some point), secondly, It is well-known that the Vatican is well informed on matters of the supernatural. Whether we believe it or not makes no difference. If the Pope can help people, then so be it. The Vatican should consider publishing a book on 'How To Exorcise Demons at Home' based on their experience and knowledge - this would be very useful to the world.
Comment icon #20 Posted by libstaK on 6 February, 2012, 11:11
It's not just their looks that they have in common, that's for sure . Seriously though, the whole tale is highly implausible, 2 men making a racket in the vicinity of the Pope would NOT BE IGNORED by the guards, they would be summarily rounded up and thrown into a cell. Have we forgotten that there has already been an assassination attempt by a nutjob on the previous Pope? The vatican denies any such exorcism took place and in this they are to believed - most of the rest of what I hear from them I take with a huge pinch of salt mind you.
Comment icon #21 Posted by SAmbag on 6 February, 2012, 13:16
that's a relief. what do you mean Clergy are invited to assist in supernatural matters? So like, individuals can choose to help out with exorcisms?
Comment icon #22 Posted by Star of the Sea on 6 February, 2012, 23:16
There are times when people who under the care of a Mental Health Team are referred to the Clergy. I have been involved with a case a couple of years ago. The NHS in the UK do take into account the Spiritual side of a persons mental health very seriously. Priests have been involved in cases where a patient has been thoroughly checked out by the Mental Health Team and deem the patient to be needing the Church, taking all things into consideration, the patients background, whether they are religious etc and that all other avenues have been explored ie: psychosis, schizophrenia etc and with the... [More]
Comment icon #23 Posted by Paracelse on 7 February, 2012, 6:32
Although I believe in holistic medicine, for something like schizophrenia (mind occupied by spirits) I would prefer a more medically fit approach, even a technical approach.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Star of the Sea on 7 February, 2012, 18:19
Hi Paraclese. I agree Paraclese and that is what they do. The Mental Health teams always assess the patients thoroughly for mental health illnesses and are given the appropriate treatment and medication. But what they are finding is that if the patient is mentally ill (or not) and the patient comes from a religious/spriritual background it can help the patient and can be very beneficial. They look at the patient as a whole and understand that sometimes religion can be the cause or trigger for mental illness or conversely it can be of assistance in times of need. It is not unheard of, that th... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by Paracelse on 7 February, 2012, 19:31
I perfectly aware of the commonality of "hearing voices". In fact Socrates is known to have his conversation with his "demons" (for the Greeks demons meant spirits and didn't have the evil connotation it has today). Some other like Cardanus (1501-1576) talked to angels to receive answers to mathematical queries. So yeah to hear voices seems natural to some without being mentally ill.

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