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Fossil foot reveals new human species

Posted on Thursday, 29 March, 2012 | Comment icon 36 comments | News tip by: Waspie_Dwarf

Image credit: Wikipedia

The fossilised bones from a 3.4 million-year-old human ancestor have been found in Africa.

While there aren't enough of the bones to definitively identify the species, scientists have been able to determine a lot from just a few tiny bone fragments. It is believed that the creature would have been able to walk upright but would have only done so some of the time. It is also not the only human ancestor known to have lived in Africa at that time, the species of the famous specimen "Lucy" discovered in 1970 would have lived alongside them.

"Scientists have obtained a fascinating new insight into the evolution of humans and our ability to walk."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #27 Posted by Leonardo on 1 April, 2012, 6:36
My emphasis. Which is fine, as this is agrees with what both Swede and my 11-year old link stated. As for Hominid, is that term now used as reference to the group including all the Hominins plus all the other Great Apes and their ancestors? Or is your concern that it wasn't the genus Homo which diverged from the common ancestor of hominins and Pan? I accept Swede's deion of hominin's was not exacting, but it gave the general idea of what the term represents.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 1 April, 2012, 6:40
Hominid isn't being used anymore. Hominin has replaced it.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Swede on 1 April, 2012, 17:01
Not necessarily: .
Comment icon #30 Posted by Leonardo on 1 April, 2012, 18:42
I am aware that hominin is used today, as hominid was used 20 years or so ago. It does not follow from that, however, that hominid is no longer used. It is used today (as the link Swede posted shows) as an abbreviation to refer to the Family Hominidae, which includes the Hominins and all the Great Apes and their ancestors. Just as Swede originally posted, and my 11 year-old link also demonstrated.
Comment icon #31 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 1 April, 2012, 18:44
Like I said, I'm going by what is being taught in anthropology classes right now.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Swede on 1 April, 2012, 23:24
Perhaps you could supply a reference? .
Comment icon #33 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 on 1 April, 2012, 23:56
Sure. Jurmain, Robert, et. al. Essentials of Physical Anthropology, 8th Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2011. This was the text I used last. I also have my notes from lectures which has the classifications, but I believe those are in storage. I will look for them. As I also stated, the classifications are always changing as new discoveries are found and various samples of primate DNA are analyzed. What I posted was what I was taught last spring. I do not believe it has changed since then, but I could be wrong. Edit; After reviewing several more sites and books that I have, it would ap... [More]
Comment icon #34 Posted by Swede on 2 April, 2012, 0:36
Imaginary - No problem. Pleased that you have personally resolved such. .
Comment icon #35 Posted by Leonardo on 2 April, 2012, 7:06
No problem, and thanks. I apologise if I seemed over-insistent in pressing the case. Glad to have the misunderstanding resolved.
Comment icon #36 Posted by thewild on 2 June, 2012, 13:06
Learn something new everyday!

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