Friday, September 22, 2017
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Scientists create DNA alternative

Posted on Friday, 20 April, 2012 | Comment icon 42 comments

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Artificial genetic material that can evolve and store information like DNA has been developed in a lab.

Researchers at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge achieved the feat which will help shed light on how the first molecules assembled in to life forms billions of years ago. "Construction of genetic systems based on alternative chemical platforms may ultimately lead to the synthesis of novel forms of life," said Gerald Joyce of the Scripps Research Institute.

Scientists are hoping that the creation of this new 'alternative DNA' could help fuel research in to medicine and biotechnology.

"Researchers at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, in Cambridge, developed chemical procedures to turn DNA and RNA, the molecular blueprints for all known life, into six alternative genetic polymers called XNAs."

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 Source: Guardian Unlimited

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #33 Posted by Rlyeh on 25 April, 2012, 18:19
I never claimed someone was trying to murder me.When did you cease to be part of the "entire population"?So you believe man (this all humans or some?) is murdering the entire population (which may exclude you)? It's self-evident this is a delusion. You were saying about reading comprehension?You lack it, as you just demonstrated a second time.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Insaniac on 25 April, 2012, 19:14
When did you cease to be part of the "entire population"? I recall, because I'm on preion medication, theres a chance I *am* getting affected myself, so I take back my original statement. So you believe man (this all humans or some?) is murdering the entire population (which may exclude you)?It's self-evident this is a delusion. You're beginning to sound like a Government-payed shill. Lets just forget the fact the Government poisons the majority of us through tap water, toothpaste and whatever else via mercury and fluroide. Lets forget the Government poisons people with pharmaceuticals. /sarca... [More]
Comment icon #35 Posted by ShadowSot on 25 April, 2012, 19:15
You might want to get your meds upped.
Comment icon #36 Posted by JGirl on 25 April, 2012, 19:59
Comment icon #37 Posted by Insaniac on 25 April, 2012, 20:34
One only has to look as far as YouTube to see the truth about Satanism, the Government and Illuminati.
Comment icon #38 Posted by FurthurBB on 26 April, 2012, 2:07
One only has to look as far as YouTube to see the truth about Satanism, the Government and Illuminati. Wow! Youtube.
Comment icon #39 Posted by Copasetic on 26 April, 2012, 2:14
You might want to get your meds upped. Seconded. And if not on one already, add a neuroleptic.
Comment icon #40 Posted by ShadowSot on 26 April, 2012, 5:07
One only has to look as far as YouTube to see the truth about Satanism, the Government and Illuminati. As well as a serious amount of nudi- anatomy lessons. Oh, and videos countering all of the above nonsense. On youtube you can find an equal yet opposite video to prove wahtever your viewpoint is. (Which may make it's sole worth zero outside of entertainment value I suppose.)
Comment icon #41 Posted by Rlyeh on 26 April, 2012, 5:57
You're beginning to sound like a Government-payed shill.You don't need to guess what you sound like.Theres a de-population program in place, and the Illuminati-controlled Governments around the world are killing us all off with war, starvation, poisoning, and by turning us against each other. There may be more ways in which they are manipulating us - conquering and dividing.And then of course theres the Satanism in Hollywood movies and music videos (theres lots of proof of that), which the Illuminati are behind. I made a thread in Spirituality vs Skepticism about satanism in society. Calling n... [More]
Comment icon #42 Posted by catfishyeah on 30 April, 2012, 19:03
O.k., so scientists are going to play "God" now? Interesting, I can't wait until they accidentaly create the zombie virus.

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