Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Scientists create 'perfect' pop song

Posted on Thursday, 21 June, 2012 | Comment icon 24 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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Researchers are using natural selection to turn random sounds in to a musical masterpiece.

The study is being carried out in an effort to apply the same principals to music as we see in biological evolution. Over 100 music clips were produced for an experiment in which 7000 internet users were asked to rate how much they liked them. Computer software then combined the top rated clips to form new 'offspring' loops of music, eventually producing a 'perfect' track.

"That's how natural selection created all of life on Earth, and if blind variation and selection can do that, then we reckoned it should be able to make a pop tune," said study co-author Professor Armand Leroi.

"Just as the strongest and healthiest plants and animals pass on their good genes to future generations, researchers claim music evolves as musicians copy the best aspects of other artists' work while filtering out their less popular traits."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by AmazedHuman on 21 June, 2012, 13:24
Is this like the old putting a 100 monkeys in a room with a hundred typewriters and getting a masterpiece out of it? Or whatever that last piece of crap out of the scientific world happened to be? Do these people have nothing better to do than prove how wrong they can be about things? Geez....
Comment icon #16 Posted by Junior Chubb on 21 June, 2012, 13:33
Lyric combinations and melodies are finite but I don't think we are anywhere near exhausting them. New people will always make new music (more exciting) as what is cutting edge to one generation will be 'run of the mill' to the next. Take the Beatles for example, cutting edge, creative, innovative in their day. But for the average kid of today there music is dated and more suited to TV adverts than being the soundtrack to a great night out, therefore new music needs new artists and thus new ideas.
Comment icon #17 Posted by dharma warrior on 21 June, 2012, 15:55
This "song" is actually being used at Guantanamo Bay to aid in prisoner interrogations. Amnesty International is protesting it's use as being cruel and inhumane.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Taun on 21 June, 2012, 16:03
I thought that was "I Love You" - by Barney
Comment icon #19 Posted by Junior Chubb on 21 June, 2012, 17:15
That is a whole new thread in itself, 'Songs so bad they can be used to break the will of a man for interrogation'
Comment icon #20 Posted by Taun on 21 June, 2012, 17:55
We sort of have one already...
Comment icon #21 Posted by CRIPTIC CHAMELEON on 21 June, 2012, 23:08
WARNING WARNING don't listen to it or you will be brain washed into a mindless zombie WARNING WARNING
Comment icon #22 Posted by sarah snow on 23 June, 2012, 3:51
LOL, it (the perfect song) instantly reminded me of that episode from 'Buck Rogers in the 21st Century' where the music was dull on arrival
Comment icon #23 Posted by omerta on 25 June, 2012, 4:23
All pop music is soulless crap.

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