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Woman with 'superhuman' sight discovered

Posted on Sunday, 24 June, 2012 | Comment icon 34 comments

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Scientists believe that some people are able to see up to 100 times the range of colours most of us can.

Due to the subjective nature of vision it is likely that those with this remarkable gift wouldn't even be aware of it as their superhuman vision would seem normal to them. While the average person can perceive up to a million colours, "tetrachromats" may be able to see up to 100 million colours, opening up a vista of subtle shades and hues that are incomprehensible to everyone else.

Neuroscientist Gabriele Jordan and her team have been actively searching for people with this remarkable ability and against all odds they believe they have found one of them - a doctor who is referred to only as 'cDa29'.

"An unknown number of women may perceive 
millions of colors invisible to the rest of us."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by EllJay on 26 June, 2012, 17:06
They also hear everything. Wives all over the world can for example hear when a man open a beer-can three stories down, even if she is in bathroom, with the door closed, in the shower, with the radio on, singing. Take that Superman.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Helen of Annoy on 26 June, 2012, 18:01
Comment icon #27 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 18:13
Comment icon #28 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 18:17
We don't ALWAYS focus on boobs I focus on my resaerch and most other guys LIKE me too focus on our actual lives
Comment icon #29 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 18:19
Again that's an assumption for instance I don't even drink so your wrong
Comment icon #30 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 18:24
Comment icon #31 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 18:27
Simple these women would probably have a different formula in their DNA and RNA molecules so if they find out the differing formula than after that all scientists would need is a blood sample
Comment icon #32 Posted by Helen of Annoy on 26 June, 2012, 18:32
I'm not that cruel, guys, I won't say anything.
Comment icon #33 Posted by logan valenti on 26 June, 2012, 22:49
Comment icon #34 Posted by happyness on 1 July, 2012, 4:00
Does eye color affect it? Probably blue-eyed for a heightened sensitivity to light.

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