Monday, July 24, 2017
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Racing pigeons mysteriously disappearing

Posted on Sunday, 26 August, 2012 | Comment icon 16 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

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Racing pigeons are allegedly vanishing without a trace during routine flights in parts of the UK.

On the Scottish Borders 232 pigeons were released from Galashiels but only 18 managed to make it back to Thirsk. Pigeon fanciers are losing so many of their birds that some have seen their racing stock plummet to less than half over the space of two weekends. While unusual weather patterns and birds of prey have accounted for some losses in the past, nothing seems to account for the sheer scale of the losses this time.

"The weather at the weekend was fine and although birds of prey will kill a few and scare many others, that can't be the single reason either," said Ian Noble, president of the Scottish Homing Union. "We've had problems before with birds going missing, but this is by far the worst I've come across."

"Hundreds of racing pigeons from clubs throughout Scotland vanished at the weekend in mysterious circumstances."

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 Source: BBC News

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Spid3rCyd3 on 26 August, 2012, 15:28
I think I know where they can be found: lol, I was thinking a long the lines of them wandering aimlessly into traffic since pigeons aren't the brightest birds, but pigeon pie is better.
Comment icon #8 Posted by chained on 26 August, 2012, 15:46
well ive filmed 1 in my garden in cambridge england i cant quite make out its ring numbers on its legs but take a look and see if its 1 of the lost pigeons theres a few videos of it on heres 1 of them
Comment icon #9 Posted by Idano on 26 August, 2012, 16:11
Pigeons gone video? I can't beleive no one said they just "flew the coop"
Comment icon #10 Posted by ealdwita on 26 August, 2012, 16:28
That reminds me, there's game pie for supper tonight. Yum!
Comment icon #11 Posted by schizoidwoman on 26 August, 2012, 19:49
Poor wee pigeons!
Comment icon #12 Posted by Darkwind on 26 August, 2012, 20:16
I wonder if they are being poisoned by accident or on purpose.
Comment icon #13 Posted by 27vet on 27 August, 2012, 8:45
Monty Python might have an explanation.
Comment icon #14 Posted by chained on 27 August, 2012, 11:25
well ive filmed 1 in my garden in cambridge england i cant quite make out its ring numbers on its legs but take a look and see if its 1 of the lost pigeons theres a few videos of it on heres 1 of them
Comment icon #15 Posted by libstaK on 27 August, 2012, 11:55
Could be one of those evolutionary leaps where they just all realised via "global pigeon consciousness" that they don't have to go back to those nasty bipeds that keep them locked in cages.
Comment icon #16 Posted by margie1 on 27 August, 2012, 16:23
Maybe if such selfish people would stop 'racing' pigeons this wouldnt happen! As usual its all about making money out of an animal, no-one gives a crap about what harm is actually coming to them, more concerned about being out of pocket! Id love to strap a number around their leg and start racing them losers see how far they get...selfish pigs!

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