Friday, May 27, 2016
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Airship to conduct aerial search for Bigfoot

Posted on Saturday, 13 October, 2012 | Comment icon 206 comments

Image credit: Vronique Pagnier

Known as the 'Falcon Project', the new hunt will be co-ordinated through Idaho State University.

The ambitious endeavor will use an Aurora Mk II airship laden with thermal imaging and high resolution wireless videography equipment to scour the forests of North America for signs of the elusive hominid. An airship was chosen because it provides better maneuverability than a helicopter and is far quieter, allowing it to pass overhead with minimal disturbance.

With over 17 years experience investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon, author and researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum will be acting as the project's principal investigator. William Barnes, having encountered the creature himself in 1997, is the project founder and manager. Barnes hopes to not only prove that Bigfoot exists but to lay the groundwork for future research and protection of the species.

"The Falcon Project proposes to conduct an extensive aerial search for an unrecognized North American primate, a."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #197 Posted by QuiteContrary on 29 December, 2014, 20:26
I had to go back on this thread and check Meldrum's stated previous potential launch date: Spring 2013. NEW potential "Aurora" launch date is now: Spring 2015 according to Meldrum Funding stalled out previously but thanks to Barnes and some other benefactors including some Hollywood players, funding is back on track. Total cost: Half-a-million dollars Everything is here. Ship specs, etc. Meldrum's discussion of a Relic hominoid begins first after the news portion and the Aurora ship project discussion begins somewhere around 19 minutes in, I think. I haven't listened to m... [More]
Comment icon #198 Posted by Sakari on 29 December, 2014, 21:01
Oh Boy....
Comment icon #199 Posted by QuiteContrary on 29 December, 2014, 21:59
Oops! "colleague" what a weird looking word
Comment icon #200 Posted by Atuke on 7 January, 2015, 5:00
Why can't the eccentric Millionare who funds all the other Bigfoot shananagins fund Meldrum's project?
Comment icon #201 Posted by Night Walker on 7 January, 2015, 5:36
Good question. He sure could fund it. I couldn't find anything much about Hersom and Meldrum... Maybe it has something to do with internal politics of Bigfoot-research. In 2008, Meldrum received $130,000 from the Mayfield Foundation for his which also involved Derek Randles. That ended with nothing to show and Randles split to form the Olympic Project without Meldrum. An eccentric millionaire-type (Hersom) funds the Olympic Project along with BFRO and Ketchum... Maybe he doesn't think it will get results... As to why he doesn't you should perhaps ask Meldrum or Hersom. If ... [More]
Comment icon #202 Posted by Atuke on 7 January, 2015, 6:10
Please excuse me that I didn't read through every post on this topic, but why wouldn't a silent airship work? Of course it would be equipped with state of the art everything from infra-red to night vision. Along with various cams and full spectrum analysis of every living thing the dirigible detects. This certainly could be done for under $200K, and I thought I read that the good Dr. said he needed $50K for funding of the Falcon Project. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But once again, I think it's a brilliant idea. Am I wrong?
Comment icon #203 Posted by Atuke on 7 January, 2015, 6:19
Sorry I went back and reviewed some links and found the project costing upwards of a half million...yikes:/
Comment icon #204 Posted by S2F on 7 January, 2015, 6:54
To put it simply it isn't very cost effective. A lot of money for potentially little or no return. How is this going to produce any better results than the hundreds of thousands of people that go out into the woods on a daily basis? And for those that don't think Bigfoot is real then it's a total waste of money and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
Comment icon #205 Posted by Atuke on 8 January, 2015, 0:40
I see. What about a small drone. One can get a silent hobby type drone anywhere on the Internet for around $2K and go online with it and input coordinates etc. Outfit the unit with FLIR imagers and GOPRO's for the cheap. All under $6K. You could even outfit it with speakers of some kind for call blasting. On another note...I just realized what I'm doing with my tax return

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