Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Pope disputes the date of Jesus' birth

Posted on Friday, 23 November, 2012 | Comment icon 125 comments | News tip by: Still Waters

Image credit: Paulina Grabowiec

Pope Benedict has claimed that Jesus was actually born several years earlier than currently thought.

In a new book the Pope explains that the calendar we now use which was devised by 6th century monk Dionysius Exiguus is wrong on the basis that he made a mistake with his calculations. In the Gospel of Matthew it states that Jesus was born at the time when Herod the Great ruled in Judea, however Herod died in 4 A.D. Also in the Gospel of Luke it suggests that Jesus was born when Quirinius was governor of Syria in 6 A.D.

With so much conflicting information, the exact date of Jesus' birth has been a point of debate for theologians and scholars for centuries. Now that the head of the Catholic Church himself is leading the charge in questioning the established time-line, spiritual leaders and followers alike will no doubt be keen to reassess what they think they know of Biblical history.

"Pope Benedict XVI has revealed in the third installment of his trilogy, dedicated to the life of Christ, that Jesus may have been born earlier than previously thought."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #116 Posted by docyabut2 on 22 May, 2013, 10:42
In the Bible, Archelaus is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew. According to Matthew 2:13-23, Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt to avoid the Massacre of the Innocents. When Herod the Great died, Joseph was told by an angel in a dream to return to Israel (presumably to Bethlehem). However, upon hearing that Archelaus had succeeded his father as ruler of Judaea he "was afraid to go thither" (Matthew 2:22), and was again notified in a dream to go to Galilee. This is Matthew's explanation of why Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea but grew up in Nazareth. Joseph, Mary and Jesus ... [More]
Comment icon #117 Posted by docyabut2 on 22 May, 2013, 12:29
Doesn`t that mean when Herod the great died in 1 B.C Joseph, Mary fled to Egypt, from the Massacre of the Innocents, but return to Bethlehem where Jesus was born, Achhelaus Herod did not rule there. The Division of Kingdom: under Herod Archelaus, Territory under Territory under (cities of , Azotas, Phaesalis) Autonomous cities(
Comment icon #118 Posted by Jor-el on 22 May, 2013, 20:12
Just a moment here, you are confusing things a bit. Archelaus did not do that, his father, Herod the Great did. The link you gave me is quite clear on this. You misread the text. [sup] [/sup] [sup] [/sup] [sup] [/sup] [sup] [/sup] While the text itself is written on the page belonging to Herod Archelaus, the paragraph in question is specifically about his father Herod the Great.
Comment icon #119 Posted by Jor-el on 22 May, 2013, 20:20
All true. but the text also is quite clear that Herod the Great was the one who ordered the killing of the children. If you are unfamiliar with the story of the Hasmonean Dynasty, you might think that the two are one and the same events, but they are not. [color=#0000FF], son of Herod by Mariamne I, but they were not direct male descendants, unless Herod was understood as a Hasmonean as per the following synthesis:[/color] [color=#0000FF]According to Josephus, Herod was also of Maccabean descent:[/color][list] [*] [color=#0000FF] called Auran brother of [/color] [col... [More]
Comment icon #120 Posted by Jor-el on 22 May, 2013, 20:22
This post is a little confusing, can you clarify what you mean by it? I don't get it.
Comment icon #121 Posted by docyabut2 on 22 May, 2013, 22:15
If Herod the Great gave that order to kill all linage just before his death in 1bc, would`nt Archelaus Herod his son have carried out that order in the three thousands deaths? A momentous event took place at the end of the mourning for Herod that ended with the cancellation of Passover and the death of perhaps thousands, the figure of 3000 being given by Josephus.Joseph, Mary were afraid to go there to give birth to Jesus under the rule of Achhelaus.
Comment icon #122 Posted by Paranoid Android on 23 May, 2013, 6:29
Are you certain it was Constantine who chose December 25? From my research the birthdate of Jesus was a non-issue for close to 500 years, whereas Constantine was active only 300 years after. It was only later when it began to matter that people threw around several options before the Winter Solstice was eventually chosen. Additionally, I think you are painting a more severe picture of the process at Nicaea than is warranted. The bishops largely agreed on most doctrines. On the issue of Jesus' divinity, when the vote was taken it eventually read 298-2 in favour of divinity, confirming what... [More]
Comment icon #123 Posted by Paranoid Android on 23 May, 2013, 6:43
Considering the size, there were most likely less than 20 children in that age group. Still a horrible event, but the number of kids killed was far less than the kids killed at Sandy Hook, to use a modern example of child slaughter.
Comment icon #124 Posted by docyabut2 on 23 May, 2013, 12:14
According to the map in the light green, Achhelaus did not rule in Bethlehem
Comment icon #125 Posted by docyabut2 on 23 May, 2013, 15:51
However Jorel, could it be that Herod in his last orders to kill all the males in the lineage, Achhelaus may have sent to Bethlehem to murder some children.I `m just trying to figure how the Bible story of Jesus`s birth was connected in some way to death of 3,000 after Herod the great had died.Is there a reason why Achhelaus according to Josephus at Herod the Great `s death had 3,000 killed?

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