Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Will we see a future without war ?

Posted on Tuesday, 4 December, 2012 | Comment icon 54 comments

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A political science professor has conducted a study suggesting that conflicts will halve by 2050.

Professor Håvard Hegre and colleagues at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo have set up a statistical model to simulate the likelihood of conflicts in countries around the world. The model takes in to account factors such as infant mortality, education and population to calculate what is likely to occur within the next few decades. The results were quite encouraging, suggesting that conflicts would halve in number by the year 2050 with some of the biggest improvements occurring in the Middle-East.

While the predictions are far from perfect, they do help offer a glimpse in to what could be a more peaceful future. One thing is for certain however, there has been a substantial downward trend in global conflicts over the last 50 years. If nothing else the model would seem to suggest that for the foreseeable future at least, this trend is likely set to continue.

"There’s war in Afghanistan, a crisis in the Gaza Strip and percolating conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa."

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 Source: Time Magazine

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #45 Posted by DieChecker on 6 December, 2012, 2:04
Chimps, Babboons and Meerkats all go to war with each other for territory when their populations start to expand. It is probably hard wired into our brains.
Comment icon #46 Posted by aryannatimothy on 6 December, 2012, 12:28
Having a more peaceful world is possible in th future if we just choose our "humanity" over anything else.
Comment icon #47 Posted by -M7 on 7 December, 2012, 4:22
Doubtful, though we may eventually stop fighting each other...
Comment icon #48 Posted by CelestialStar on 7 December, 2012, 4:36
Eventually, but not right now, humans are generally violent in the group consciousness but much less so individually, (the intentionally violent individuals are the real roots of evil)
Comment icon #49 Posted by Shadowman972 on 7 December, 2012, 15:09
As long as the status quo stays the same on this planet, we will never live without war. There are to many people who make too much money from war that will do anything to ensure the money keeps flowing.
Comment icon #50 Posted by Insaniac on 7 December, 2012, 21:42
The Pope and the Illuminati have to go too, in order for war to come to an end. Dismantle the NWO.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Bavarian Raven on 7 December, 2012, 23:36
Chimps, Babboons and Meerkats all go to war with each other for territory when their populations start to expand. It is probably hard wired into our brains. Correct. we are a warrior species at heart. you dont become the top species in a food chain by being nice and decile, but by being smarter and crueler and meaner and more creative then all the competition
Comment icon #52 Posted by DieChecker on 8 December, 2012, 0:18
Eventually, but not right now, humans are generally violent in the group consciousness but much less so individually, (the intentionally violent individuals are the real roots of evil) It is also unfortunate that we pick our leaders from those who are aggressive enough to put themselves forward. And who usually have an issue with seeking power or authority. So naturally our highest leaders are going to tend to be the Most Aggressive, and thus be the most violent also. Even if only in words and legislation.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Eldorado on 8 December, 2012, 2:35
Yes and no. I reckon we'll only stop fighting each other when we find aliens. Then we will unite as one human tribe... and go fight the aliens. Fighting is our forte'. In my opinion.
Comment icon #54 Posted by leupgaru on 13 December, 2012, 8:38
there is no future only moment !

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