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  Columnist: Jann Burner

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The lifting of the veil

Posted on Wednesday, 1 August, 2007 | 7 comments
Columnist: Jann Burner

Behind our time imprinted 3 dimensional reality is a mosaic of consciousness not held within the confines of a time line. We are a consciousness which has thrown out an infinitude of individual personal experiential realities and each separate "me" is cast out alone within a specific frequency or time line and immediately cloaked with a veil of forgetfulness. And embedded within this fog of forgetfulness is a pin point of Light. We live in a world created by metaphor. We stand beneath a shower of metaphor. It is literally raining metaphor at all times. We are constantly creating metaphors, agreeing with others on the validity of their metaphors. We string metaphors around the tree of life as if they were popcorn and it was Christmas.

We live in a metaphorical universe and the prime images as well as the edges of the veil are constantly being modified and pushed back. From time to time the masters of metaphorical creation build a metaphorical paradigm so big and so "real" that we, as a species, agree that these are not simply metaphors but "Truths" and so we inhabit that space until eventually it becomes so confining that new metaphors begin to emerge, but these new temporal truths usually do not arise from within the confines of the old paradigm,. The new "Picture" has to come from "left field" and shatter the old model. These become like nested boxes, each competing to be the totality of the Big Picture. We currently inhabit a Science paradigm. Science seems to operate from the smallest verifiable level upwards towards the heavens, whereas the Spiritual community comes from the largest down to the smallest. One major difference being that science is based on being able to verify and duplicate "Facts" whereas spirituality is based on Faith and is seemingly at odds with science. Faith is the drive within humans for something beyond metaphor. Science says there is nothing beyond metaphor.

At some time these two arms of investigation, these two metaphorical creative engines will begin to overlap. I think this period of overlap is now. Science is outgrowing its rather ridged box and people coming from Spiritual (intuitive) source are discovering (remembering) tools long forgotten which are beginning to lift the veil. What we may be talking about are right brain/left brain finally coming into focus and that point of focus may very well be the long dormant "Penile" gland. The fact may be that our brain, as awesome as it is, may not even be turned on yet. What we need is a new genre, a metaphorical language that is coherent to both the scientist and the metaphysician. For it to be relevant to both sides, there have to be truths which are held self evident by both sides. And one of these core truths has to be that we are MORE than our physical body. Consciousness, in some form, continues after the apparent demise of the physical body. A physical body is something we "choose" to inhabit. It isn't an accident and it isn't a random assemblage of molecules. To paraphrase that famous quote about evolution: "to believe in the theory of evolution is like believing that a tornado moved over a junk yard and assembled a 747." We are more than an evolved germ.

We have ultimate memory and we "choose" to forget what we know so as to more directly and deeply experience our 3 dimensional adventure. This is a specific frequency of experience we are inhabiting and we have the creative ability to peel back and lift this veil of forgetfulness. It would seem that we are reclaiming our prime truth, metaphor by metaphor.

It's not so much we are deaf, dumb and blind out of a state of ignorance as much as we are incredibly wise and have chosen to forget so that we may learn at the deepest level. We are here to grow our Soul. But behind this veil of forgetfulness, behind our specific time imprinted reality, is a vast consciousness taking it all in and savoring and growing from the combined experience as one by one the individual veils of forgetfulness thin and lift, eventually causing each representative consciousness to come on like an electric light. All in time. The veils are thinning, the veils are beginning to lift. But the metaphors are no longer coming from the Priests of science nor the hand maidens of psychology. The new metaphors which will trigger the lifting of the veil will not come from science but from far left field. From the fields of film, computer science and hypnotherapy.

Article Copyright© Jann Burner - reproduced with permission.

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