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Charn Parker

A letter to the world leaders – A.D.1986

October 23, 2007 | Comment icon 28 comments

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Dear Friends and Readers of Unexplained Mysteries. You have read several articles by me on this website. I have made numerous friends, others who didn’t understand me, and some who thought I was just off the wall. That of course can be expected by any one who submits personal experiences or writings on any website. This posting has to do with a Letter written to the World Leaders in A.D. 1986. You might find it best to print out this letter to read at your convenience. Definitely however print it and save it somewhere for you will see the events continue to unfold if our leaders do not adhere to their prophet's words. This letter itself warns of what might very well be a part of 2012. Prove this letter – Save it and watch. Which direction will we choose?

Before you read the Letter I would like to update for those of you who have followed my postings, some occurrences of late.

I have not yet had my ‘abduction implant’ removed. Dr. Leir will be the one present when it is removed. I will have it removed here in my state of Virginia.

On the 5th of October, I received a phone call from Los Angeles, California. It was from a producer connected with the History Channel program. He was calling to tell me that he would like to come to Virginia to film my story consisting of my abduction, implant and other experiences for the History channel. It would include a crew of twelve others.

What follows to bring you up to date with what is happening are a few e-mails from Brad a producer connected with the filming and replies from me.

Hey Charn,

It looks like we'll be there to see you on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I had a question for when you came to see us in LA. Dr. Yvonne Smit is a hypnotherapist that specializes
in abductees. We'd like to have her do a session or two with you for the show, so we can really really pull out some old memories that might give even further credence to your story.

Would you be open to getting hypnotized?

Let me know and I can make all the arrangements.

Thanks Charn. (End)

Hi Brad

Sorry my friend I can't do that. Due to a hypnotic experience at the age of 11 from what a well known medical hypnotist told me it is dangerous for me. I have tried to go under twice with him - and he gets me there and I go into terrible pain down my arm and side and have to be awakened. I would like to but I can't.

I have pretty much everything that I want to know and if those concerned will simply listen to what I have to say, which will be totally honest, and no hype, I think you'll have more than what you need. I have had all the confirmation I need from the books I have read and have had confirmations in. I have the physical marks. I know I have been taken several times including at the age of five and have had many other things happen. I am a man of my word - and besides I have gone through enough trauma with the things I have learned and are still happening to me, that I wouldn't want to be any more traumatized than I am.

Sincerely, Charn (End)

Dear Brad

I think it only fair to let you know that I realize now that I would not be able physically to travel to the West Coast by any mode of transportation. I suffer from severe back and disc problems which prevent me from any long traveling. Outside of the home I am completely dependent on a wheelchair. At home I can get around.

Therefore I would also need to have the implant removed here in Virginia, through my insurance company. I have already spoken to the surgeon I would use here and there would be no problem with filming the removal or allowing Dr. Leir to have the object. All Dr. Wingfield is there for is the surgery. I have known him for several years.

Hope this doesn't put a damper on your plans or Dr. Leirs'.

Charn Parker (End)

Hey Charn,

I just talked to my boss, (name left out by Charn,) to whom I've forwarded this message. We definitely want to come to Virginia to cover your
surgery, but it isn't cost effective to make two trips, so we'd like to do your interview the day before the surgery at the end of the month.

As to the scheduling. Ideally we'd love to shoot it on Oct 26th. That is our dream date, but we'll work with whatever works for your Doctor and you.

Your health and well being is most important.

Please give me a call as soon as you can. Thanks so much. (End)

Dear Brad

I am sorry but I am going to have to say no to this offer. It is coming on to fast and perhaps it is more than I can deal with. I can't push my doctor. And I can't be rushed. Well, enough said.

Thank you for your kindness.

Charn Parker (End)

Hey Charn,

I certainly understand. I sure hope the schedule changes weren’t too much. We totally understand your health and well being is first and foremost to all of us. And though we did have an “ideal” date, it is because it fit in our schedule nicely. I certainly didn’t mean to make you feel pushed in any way. Charn, if you are at all still inclined to take part in our program, consider us at your convenience. When ever you and your Dr. have time for us, we will have time for you.

Thanks very much, Brad (END)

Charn: I totally get it, and of course this is between you and me. I appreciate your candor completely. If the good Dr. returns from vacation and you feel you¹re still interested and up to being part of the program, we are here. We love your story and the fact that it is so current gives a lot of credence to our program, but rest assured, our goal is to tell your story in an objective manner. We are there to document, not to sensationalize or debunk anything. Don¹t forget this is a History Channel program.

The releases and contracts are all standard, nothing fancy and I could even send you one ahead of time if you¹d like to look at it or have it perused by a lawyer.

Again Charn, we are at your disposal. Should you decide you¹d like to take part in our program, we¹ll totally work around your schedule. The 26th was a selfish attempt on our part to fill a hole in our failing schedule.

All the

Brad (End)


I will definitely check out your articles. I’ve attached a copy of the personal release for the show for you to check out. I’m really hoping we can work this out. I just had a big talk with the entire production team regarding this episode and laid it down very simply that this is a major surgery and that we must and will work at your schedule. When you talk to your Dr., if and only if, you and he decide we can go ahead, we will do so on your time. I’ve pretty much forbidden anyone to contact you with regards to the show or anyone else so you shouldn’t hear from anyone but me from here on in.

Take a look and see what you think about the personal release.

Have a great day Charn. (End)

Now a shock I guess – I decided not to do the show because the host of the show was someone who took no interest in anything I submitted to his organization for print over the past year. Suddenly with this offer he is interested. So I told Brad the reasons and said I could not do the program. Brad and I did leave things totally open for a possible show later.

Now readers the beginning of the World Leaders Letter

1 -You will first read a letter mailed to numerous well known people in the UFO


2- Is a Letter of explanation written to an agency that contacted me and requested to read the letter in 2000.

3 - This is an Update 2007 for the mailing to Coast To Coast etc. I will tell you now that most all of these people ignored the letter. That is fine. It let me know that they are really not after the truth as they claim; or don’t recognize what is in front of their eyes. You also will have your own thoughts and opinions – but one thing I can tell you is that this letter WAS NOT my idea.

A-Copy of an Envelope that I received a reply in from The Republic of Sudan

B-The Letter from Sudan. ( This proves the letter was mailed.) See end of this

posting for Click on.

The name William Kauer is my birth name.

You will find how prophetic this letter to the Leaders has become and will continue to be.


Dear…..(UfO field personalities)

Many of us in the UFO and other areas feel without doubt that various governments throughout the world possess retrieved/crashed and intentionally downed alien craft as well as the occupants. Some do not believe this. So be it!

We have also discussed for years the reality or not of President Dwight David Eisenhower and President Harry S. Truman’s involvement with the extraterrestrials.

Has the government or governments been contacted since?

The World Governments and their leaders were contacted again in 1986.

The Letter to The World Leaders attached is about this contact and exactly what was written . The entire attachment is self explanatory. Do not miss what this letter said must be done. To many of you it many read like a religious letter, but it is not.

The World is still relatively peaceful, but too much is now happening, to hold this letter back. We have Greenpeace and many wonderful groups and individuals in all areas of concern for the earth, for our relations with others in other countries, as well as concern about our relationship with the cosmos and those who live there.

If you have received this letter it is because you have been recognized as a brother or sister, one of the human family that in your own way has endeavored to bring truth and understanding to others.

The Letter To The World leaders of course is not the only contact that has been made. I would be foolish to try and claim that. I am well aware as you are of the activity taking place. This is simply to let you know that the letter was sent. What this letter states is not only for the world leaders but is now for all people on earth. All of Us!

Have also attached a picture of myself so you can have see who is



Charn Parker

Explanation of Letter (This explanation was mailed in 2000 with The Letter and other materials to a particular individual who wanted to know about my life.)

I was staying with my former wife Kathy. We had come together again after my hearing of her father’s death in 1983. We had been dating and seeing each other since then.

One evening in 1986, I was doing some typing of my poems etc. When I glanced at the page, I found that I was not typing what I thought I had. It was about two paragraphs along. This was some kind of letter to the world leaders. Then I felt the compulsion to complete it. I'm making this statement brief, since you have read so much already from me. It was not unusual at this stage of my life to be typing one thing and look up at the page and realize that I was expressing thoughts of what I call someone other than myself wanting to express through me. Which I have learned since is not unusual with Mystics and highly gifted or spiritual individuals. Which I did not consider myself to be.

It was as if I were having these thoughts and very powerful. I do not believe that it was me. This happened almost the same way as my letter to Karen Book the clinician to whom I wrote the brief story of my abduction in 1995.

There were things in this letter that I felt very uncomfortable about. One speaking of political things. I did not want to write about what our government or any other should do. Who am I to say anything like that? No one would hear a peon. Besides I was never much interested in government, except that they do a good job.

Nevertheless I wrote it. Oh, yes, I had to re-read it, and somehow errors would be corrected and additional text that I guess I missed the first time, was there in my head ready to be inserted.

Who did I think was giving this to me? I just felt that it was the Holy Spirit or God. I never thought out completely why would God give something like this to me, who certainly couldn't afford at the time to mail something of this magnitude. I didn't know how I would get the money to mail it. When the letter was completed, there were two projects I had to do on my own. I had to go to the Library and research all of this. I never realized there were so many small countries, principalities etc. The other project was to research the basic religious teachings of several of the world religions. This letter was mailed to every government power on earth with the exception of two or three. One of them being Iran. I don’t know why but I felt the nudge to exclude those.

The work done. How to mail it? I got the impression to call Michael, my metaphysical friend. I thought oh no, there it is, your personality. You think Michael’s going to pay for this. I did call Michael, but I was not going to allow him to pay for it. I called - told him of the letter and asked if he had any suggestions. He said "Let me think about it." The next day he called and said that he had an idea. Well, he typed up a brief letter of description of what this letter was about and he put it in on the bulletin board of the building where he worked. In three days we had all the money needed to mail this letter to 356 places on this planet.

What bothered me about this letter, the following: The page where it mentions that they would have some time to act upon the instructions given in the letter. Then this Ministry - A New Age Teaching Ministry of The Holy Spirit for All would begin etc. etc. Well, I thought that was interesting. I fell for it. Because I was thinking at that time of a ministry. I also never understood the opening of this letter that "like the prophets before him..." that sounded conceited to me. As a matter of fact, two people remarked to Michael they thought I might have delusions of Grandeur. When Michael told me this, and I hate to sound stupid, but I did not know what it meant. When he explained, I disagreed. I had no ulterior motive for writing this. Fame or anything else. I had already been a singer/dancer/choreographer 25 years and was still working. Actually I was worried about what this might attract to me. Especially from our own Government. No, this was not of my doing; unless I had a deeply hidden desire to be known. And I don't think so. Only as a singer did I wish to be known; and I was.

I made it clear in the letter that there was no reason to contact me, but my address was included. I was told within myself to mail it and forget it for a while. As if I had never written it. One year and 3 months later I was told it could be shared with a few.

I knew the envelope which the package had to be mailed in would need to be addressed correctly, pertaining to titles etc. and that also was a rough one. More research.

I couldn't type all those letters individually. I knew I could Xerox off the original. But how would I address each leader that way? Well, as you will see it was addressed: Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth. Now I never gave that a second thought. Considering that it was coming from God. I might add that I don't equate God and Jesus as One, but Jesus as God’s son.. So if it were from Jesus, I could see Jesus saying that. But God wouldn't call us Brother and Sisters of Earth. Or would God?

When I started reading in 1998 about the various inspirations etc. that had been experienced by alien abducted persons. A bell rung -- a light went on - This could very well have been from the 'aliens'. I mean as so many other experiences of mine were being confirmed from the books, why not this one? It is the first real answer as to where it might have come from, other than my feeling probably because of my love for God, that it was from God. And then it would make sense, at least to me, that if this was from the more positive 'aliens' perhaps they would say Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth.

I received some beautiful letters from all over the world from very well known persons. But guess what? Except for the one, of which I send you a copy, they were all accidentally destroyed.

I said, to a friend of mine, when so many things of a positive nature began happening throughout various parts of the earth, I wondered if the letter had anything to do with it. And Sharron replied," Bill even if it didn't, do you realize how prophetic that letter is?" As I said, I did not keep up much on political issues. So at about the time this letter was being mailed, apparently President Reagan had called for Gorbachev to tear down the wall." I didn't know that 'til years later. Sorry, I just didn't find politics interesting. Do I vote? Of course I do.

I believe when it was stated "as the prophets before him" they or whom ever, meant, not that I was a prophet, simply the prophets who gave a similar thing before I did. There really is nothing very new in the letter. So what was the point? Did it help? Who was it from? Me? God? or possibly now, the “Aliens” ? I knew nothing of aliens when this was written.
Love Is the Goal: A New Age teaching Ministry of the Holy Spirit for All. Did not refer only to me. And it had already begun at that time.

I enclose the "Letter To The World Leaders," with all respect and humility.


Charn Parker

UPDATE: September 2007 (For the UFO Personalities-c.t.p)

To All Who Read This Letter. This letter is as important today as it was in 1986 and more so.

I wanted to update the information you just read in The Explanation I mailed in 2000.

I finally realized in two thousand one - that in fact it was the extraterrestrials that encouraged and inspired the writing and even the words of this letter. Though I am not certain that I grasped everything they wanted to send forth.

The extraterrestrials – the “Light Beings”. They are exactly that “light beings,” call them alien if you like, but they are not the aliens of which one refers to when speaking of abduction etc. These Beings do not harm but inspire and direct one on their way through this physical life experience – when the individual is ready.

They inspired me with this type of letter to the world leaders because they were approaching the earth leaders in a way that all would recognize; through our religious teachings, the teachings of the prophets. So yes, the Beings, of this galaxy, again tried to reach the world leaders and humanity, in yet another way.

The reason for my releasing this letter to certain individuals is because of the “cue”

I received through Mr. Jim Sparks book –The Keepers.

There is a reason the Visitors and others are contacting only certain people to pass the teachings carefully or to instruct for individual missions. The very actions the Letter speaks of to the World Leaders that will bring Peace and Balance in the world, many are NOT doing in their daily lives and groups. For example our UFO and Abduction community – or “click”. How many really care about whether someone was abducted or not – if one’s story or experience looks profitable to one of these well known “UFO celebrities” then they might pay attention to you. As Whitley Strieber has said many times there are various aliens with manifold agendas – yet there is the spiritual growth that can also be gained via abduction or meeting them. I have only met a female alien 1 time.

So my friends, think what you will about this letter. You decide if you want to accept this letter from the Light Beings, God, or me –(though I would never have ventured to write something as this on my own) Why has this letter kept in my possession for twenty-one years been released to a special group now. Because it need be known that in yet another way, the cosmic beings contacted our Governments on earth.

The letter really had nothing to do with me personally. Expressions such as “ I come forth from the Holy Ground of God’s Light,” I now realize had nothing to do with me but the energy or “light Being” that was projecting these words to me.

What is important is this letter to the World Leaders was sent in 1986.

Charn Parker

September, 2007


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth:

I greet you in the name of Love, Unity, Peace and Hope.

I speak to you as a brother and one with the presence, energy and life known as God. My name is William--I am a servant messenger of the Almighty God and of the Beloved messengers and prophets who came before me. I do not speak for myself, the Country in which I live, any group, organiza­tion or movement. I speak only for the Lord and the World of Living Spirit. I am a citizen of the World and The New Kingdom. This is not a letter from a single person, but the total world of Spiritual lives! It is not of man’s doing, it is God’s Promise to the world, as given down through the ages.

This form letter is being sent to all nations and leaders to inform you, as to what is about to take place in the world. To tell you of the time drawing near, that many prophets, holy men and Jesus prophesied would take place in the future history and development of the human race. This letter does not single out any particular country or person; but the voice of God is explicit in what needs to take place!

This is only meant to open your hearts and minds more to the glory and power of what our Holy Ones are about to give the world. If all the world governments and you, their leaders, do not begin expressing love, charity, and comradeship with one another and also begin caring more for your people, the world is headed for a very sad lesson.

Nature itself will rebel, as it has done many times in the past, without man needing to do a thing. Nature, in all its creations and expressions, is a perfect balance of energy and force we call love. We, as part of that creation, are unbalancing the whole, when negative living begins to outweigh the perfect even balance of God's creation and imposes itself upon the natural course of nature, nature does what it must to protect itself. This is not directed at humanity, though it does affect us all; through floods, desolation, draught, and cataclysm. In every instance in the Bible and other Sacred Books, when great calamities occurred, though it was said God was destroying something because of evil, the truth I give you now is, that God did not destroy, but our own wrong doing, affected God's perfection, which rebelled against the imbalance of man and woman’s misuse of God's Perfect Life. Just as a misuse of the bodily life force over an extended period of time brings sickness, disease, decrepitude, old age, death ... not plagues from God! Awaken my dear ones and realize that God is good and it has only been humanity that has brought all discord upon itself. God is Life, Energy, Light, Love, Growth, Perfection and Giving. God Is You! God is not a Being except as that life and energy is out manifested through each person--then God takes on form of flesh, blood and bone. This very life called God is in the trees, the animals, the minerals, the planets, and the plants.

Each of these radiates God's active energy according to its own station and growth in God's plan.

God is not a judge and does not sentence you to a life of misery and heartache or one of glory, abundance and good health; but through our own use or misuse of God's Divine laws and energy within us, we sentence ourselves to various conditions of life, both on personal, as well as, national and international levels. By ones own actions in accordance with the perfect, even-balanced law of nature, you create your own set of circumstances, which will allow you to experience a heavenly life upon earth or one of a total living hell!

God is the very life you see around and above you. God is all that grows and lives; yet God is the all powerful mind of the universes, of which your mind is a part. God is the very life force and energy from which all that lives is born. God's energy and life can be used by man and woman for either good or bad purposes; but be aware, there is a great unchange­able universal law of the Heavens which states, "As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap" or Whatever you create with the Power of God, will come back to you, whether it is good or bad, in return for your creating. It is the Law of the Circle!

Science has also realized an ancient teaching, through its way of analyzing the truth; that is--that all matter when it decomposes, does not stop its' existence, but merely changes into another vibratory frequency or energy pattern. So it is with the human, but on a much grander scale than has been realized, except by a few.

Death is not a reality; only of the physical body. Your soul, your spirit, returns to certain areas of the heavenly abodes, back to the universal nature of God. Many, many, do return to take on physical life expression again; but it is not you or I--it is the spirit and soul of that past physical life that returns to try and complete what was not completed before with the oneness of the All Perfect Creation God. Life is ever expanding, continuing forward toward its perfection. I say unto you, all have been here before. All are experiencing in this lifetime, in part, that which was not finished in the prior life, that which needed to be done over or that which needed to be corrected from past errors.

Many of you who read this, know the words within these first two pages as truth according to your religions and ways of worship, and to some, these are new. The important thing is, God lives and moves and has His place with you, for "In God do we live and move and have our being." It is not so much how one thinks or believes in the life that does come after the physical life, but how we use God's life while living in this physica1 wor1d; which seems to be the only reality to many.

My Brothers and Sisters, who rule and are in power. You are in your positions of authority by the desires within the hearts and minds of your people to place you in a governing position, to bring a better life to your countries and your people. In other cases, many of you attained your positions by various means--asking the people to accept you after you were in power; and still others had no choice of their ruling power at all. So Be It!

I say to you who rule, hear the message of the Universal God, hear the message the prophets of old are sending forth through the earth once again. Ye are Gods and Goddesses, ye are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, because of the very light, energy and life of God within you; but this, many times, has not been so in your outer actions. Now, hear the grand voice and spirit of the Universe saying unto you "Now that you are in your positions of rule and many of you have held these positions for a long time, I call unto you to choose that which is in accord with the Universal Law of Perfection and Balance. It is time to reopen the books of your prophets and saints, it is time to take another step in the understanding of life on earth and what God meant it to be. An awareness which should be all you will need to live peacefully together and in abundance with yourselves and the world; and to be rulers in perfection.” All Peace which exists at this time has come from one thing, Fear of what might happen, if! This Peace which The Spirit of God and the Prophets of old are heralding to unfurl in the world is the Peace which only LOVE can bring. It is a total and true Peace. Many, down through the ages, have brought this message to various parts of the world and most have chosen to ignore their message; this message shall not be ignored for the very continuance of the earth, depends upon it. We continue to maintain what peace we do have in the world through threats, fear, and power. This is all wrong! Do you think that the people in your individual countries can love one another and not care for the rest of the earth’s inhabitants? This is not the Love the Holy Ones spoke of. All people in the world desire love and peace, caring and sharing, and most would like to know and understand their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world; and you my dear brothers and sisters must allow them to express this, for this is the true law of the Universe and life that all Sacred Literature teaches. If you think you can simply love your own, without caring for the rest, you are wrong. If you stop your people from caring and loving all… you will answer to the Law and source of Creation! When we begin to destroy the lives of others, we destroy the very presence of God that unites us all through the Spirit of Life.

All beings upon the face of the earth, shall once again hear the truth of their sacred teachings ... they must hear it ... they shall now be given the knowledge and awareness of the Holy of Holies, The Supreme Personality of God; who and what they are in true relationship to God and the Holy Ones. This will be given so they can choose their way of living in this world. Once they have this knowledge of the higher realms of God, it will, by its very spirit and truth hidden within their own being, lead them to a life of love, caring, sharing, giving and growing toward their true destiny of Oneness with God and all upon the face of the earth. The rebuilding of the True Kingdom of Love shall begin, the time is here! Destruction, war, greed, selfishness, self glory leads only to ones own downfall, and often the downfall of entire nations due to that rulers self-seeking, self gratifying desires. It will only bring misery in this life and the heaven life. What hypocrites we and the world of God's creation have become; we hear the truth, we think we believe it, but it is not practiced, because money is the answer to everything. Money is good, but many have replaced the true value of God, the true worth of caring, the true power that brings abundance ... love with money.

No one person has the right to cause the anguish and suffering of others. All national leaders, all heads of countries are meant to serve their people, not their own desires for glory and fame. You are meant to uplift your people and give unto them, the best in caring and providing an opportunity that your country can offer them. This does not take MONEY, this takes LOVE, and all of you know this in your hearts. Anything, other than this which you cause to become a part of your peoples lives, is a misuse of the Perfect Law of the Universe. It goes completely against the Law of Justice and you, as well as any individual who causes unhappiness for another, will answer to God's Law of Justice, called Karma, the Law of compensation, “AS Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.” Whether you were elected into power or gained your position through other means, by your own use or misuse of God's Perfection you shall reap the fruits of your actions; here or hereafter.

Imbalance with the Law of Life brings confusion, disease, starvation, plague, war, injustice, greed, loneliness and many unwanted things. Do not be responsible for such things; when the action of Love and Light, can bring Peace, Prosperity, Health and Unity unto all.

The Prophets and Holy men of the world have died and suffered knowing this reality and law of Love by trying to explain and give it unto their brothers and sisters in the world. The ministers, rabbis, and priests have not fully given the understanding and the secret knowledge, for two reasons:

1. Lack of knowing the spirit and only teaching the written letter.

2. Keeping the hidden and powerful knowledge to themselves. So Be It!

I have come forth from the Holy Ground of God's Light, to give unto the people and to you, the truth of their divinity and relationship to God. To open the Book of Know­ledge--to reveal that which has been concealed by the churches. Another period in the History of man's life has come, when a choice to live as a Complete Family Unit upon earth is here. I say unto you, do not wait until the crisis has begun. Do not wait until there is no longer hope to save the world and to alter its direction; begin now to save life from self-destruction. We have enough cleaning up to do, without adding more. My Brothers and Sisters who rule, STOP! I say, living by what your own desires want. The Earth is for all to enjoy. It is not meant for man to conquer in any way shape or form. You are not meant to conquer others; for if you do, ye shall be conquered, by God's own heavenly force. That force is within you ... do not turn it upon yourself!

Earth is meant for God's creations to enjoy. Instead of being separated by language, race, creed, beliefs, ways of life, geographical locations. I say unto you: Now is the time, you should begin working as a Universal Family Unit. Begin sharing the love of the lands in which you were born, with others. Yes, we have all at one time or another performed a good act for another nation or a neighboring country, but that's not enough ... We have ALL done some good ... but everyone of us at some time in the history of our country or nation have perverted God's Law of Love, due to selfish motives, or what we thought was right for the common good and many have chosen not to do that which is correct for the same motive…Self! So be it, it has been done! It is part of the past Let us build to the future ... a world of Love. For this is what God's Kingdom on Earth will be.

All governments and powers must now become God-oriented, God-Coordinated and God-Directed. Power is out!

This very power and knowledge which the Law of Life has instilled within you to create with, because of its misuse, is now teetering on the brink of world catastrophe in many areas of creation. This need not be! Yet, we are seeing signs of man's ignorance of the Laws, throughout the world. Through atomic plant problems, through warring, starvation, disease. These are things people have called out against. These are the very things which you as rulers have ignored.

Many countries have begun working together for true world Unity ... this is good ... but this must be based on Love ... not conditions. Become a part of all ... do not be left standing alone ... a people forgotten because of your own desire for power over the few.

There is no reason church and state cannot work together, except when one or the other chooses to do that which is not in accord with love, perfection and right.

How long, my beloved brothers and sisters, will you allow the world to slowly die away, by allowing the dust, corruption, pollution, hate, jealousy and negative thinking and acting and imperfect order that has been going on for so long, to continue? No longer shall it be! How long will you continue to enslave others through various means, whether on a personal, national or international level? How long will you prevent your people from living and serving in life the way they choose, according to their own religious beliefs? People want to express their love and hope! You as rulers must allow this! God needs to express through each individual and be heard. God's expression and out manifestation through both man and woman must become balanced. Woman is a very important part of God's expression and is intuitively closer to the perfect order of nature and love, than man. Man has shown the strength, will, and power of God, though, in many instances, in a negative way; now the love of God, the caring of God and the balance of God must be expressed. You must begin hearing the peoples' voice and this you shall hear … soon!

The existence of the soul/spirit of the human after death of the physical body has already been witnessed and proven by many. Soon science will attest to this truth. Then you will know that your every deed does not end with the physical dissolution, but is carried over into the life of spirit. This is not meant to be a letter of religious teachings, but the truth in part must be given and reawakened in your memory.

Those who ru1e, I call unto you by the power and spirit of the Living God of the Universe, a power far greater than we could ever imagine in a single entity God or collection of Gods; to step forward--project love to all your people. Love to all the world. This message has been spoken and given to me, for you, by the very power of the Universal Life and Spirit known as God.

Be powerful, but according to God's power. Be powerful in Light, Understanding, Love, Balance and Charity.

Do not think, dear ones that your prophets and holy men are dead and forgotten ... they are very real, very alive ... and rejoice in the sending of this word unto you.

Follow these suggestions and you will find that your people will love you even more. If you are basically a peaceful country, this will be the apex of your countries love, its crowning glory!

The world shall stand on love … those who do not express this will only fall to the side … to be forgotten. Mankind must refuse now to enter into or to start any more wars or revolutions.

All improper actions must cease! Yes, it is still your choice, but why be the cause of destroying the very life and planet, created for its inhabitants to enjoy and love. We all have a lot to do, and wrongs to be righted, but we can live, love and survive abundantly as a Universal Family. It Can Be Done!

I only suggest the following, for God suggests … and it is up to you to accept!

• Call or write to the other nations, both allies and foes. Offer your unconditional love and friendship; give this unconditional offering the backing with actions on your part. Don't wait for the other country to begin. Don't say I offer you our friend­ship and love, IF …

• Stop all warring, refuse to enter into anyone else's personal wars, keep peace among your own people; don't be ashamed to call upon one another's country and say, yes, we want Peace and happiness, help us in certain ways. Don't be afraid to give help to other countries or neighboring countries who need it. And don't MOST OF ALL; put a monetary price upon your help that you give to others. There is not a thing in the world that in truth can't be done without money, though money has become a means of exchange.

● Withdraw your troops from other countries; let them know your sincerity! Ask that your embassies be allowed to remain, to negotiate plans for unity between your countries, for trade.

● Proclaim a week … a month … of love in your countries. If you have any churches, shrines or synagogues, proclaim that once each month, at a certain time, all bells be rung, for the remainder of this century, to remind us that we are striving toward world love and unity.

● Remember, it is not so much how you pray and worship, or whether you do or not … but the knowing, that the very energy and -essence that we call God, is part and parcel of our very own life existence. Without this, we would all be dead!

● Cease to become a part of war! You may ask, "Suppose an ally is being attacked, a friend, don't we help them?" I give you the truth which will be hard to accept at first ••• the answer is no! According to the Law of Karma, if there are people who have done no wrong past or present, they would be saved from annihilation. Besides, those countries which war, will, in these final days, destroy themselves •.• for they will exist alone; and yet, you can send medical aid and food to a country who is being attacked, but only if it does not interfere with the peace of your own people. God's Law is great and it is always Just ... let that Law handle the imbalance of others and be about doing that which is right for all.

Some-one-nation must be the first to step forward … Let it be you!

We must forget actions which seem to our God-self, terrible … and even have hope and faith, that they also will hear the voice of God, within these pages. I beseech thee, set about doing that which is right my family.

Earth belongs to all peoples, though we have made our own boundaries, etc. The Prophecy of the Prophets and Holy Ones of all religions, is about to be fulfilled. God has opened his knowing and righteousness to the world so all who desire will receive this knowledge and understandings of his laws. The Age of Aquarius and of St. John's Revelations is here.

Read your Holy Books … listen once again to the warnings of your prophets. Though great prophets, and in the past, many revelations predicted a final war of bloodshed, this need not be, Armageddon need not be ... yet their reasoning was so because they understood that most people will not live and do that which is necessary to prevent such a final war. Most of the responsibility lies in the hands of you, the powers of the nations and countries … but this war of fire and brimstone and bloodshed, is not the war I speak of now ... that which I speak of will begin soon, and is in preparation, even as you read this letter. It is the final war between the Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light, a war between St. Michael and The Dragon; it is a war between Perfection and Imperfection. This will not be a physical fight, but a war of the heart to raise the consciousness of the people of the earth into enough love, to penetrate all dark places and doings. God will not be responsible for what happens … it will lie on the soul of humanity; God gave the laws in the beginning and his servants have tried to get you to hear. Those who continue to build weapons, to make it difficult for the average folk, for their people, who banned them from going anywhere they want to live, who do not try to under­stand all natures ways, both in the physical realm, as well as spiritual, yet claim to be the word of knowledge and wisdom, these will be the ones who bring devastation upon the planet Earth. Even the ones who sit back and just observe will be responsible. All must act and participate in this Action of Love!

Beloved Ones, be of the Light and Truth of God. Be ye true Sons and Daughters of God. People throughout the world for ages have wanted their government heads to rule in love and peace. Let them see you are about to help fulfill the laws of the Prophets by practicing love. There is no need for future missile or defense building. The Law of Life will protect those who are sincere. Welcome all to your countries and allow your people to visit other countries with no stipulation that they must return home.

Use your money for what it can do to bring peace, instead of using it for what it can do to destroy if it has to. Use it to bring peace and love and God will take care of the rest. Be charitable, help others to grow. We are upon Earth to grow and live and Love As One. Separation must cease ... it has destroyed cities, nations, and continents before, but it must no longer be. The Second coming is near!

The second coming of God's Kingdom of Truth and Love! You must not be held responsible for even a single death, from here on, whether through war, plague or hunger; you must try to the utmost to preserve life!

This message is not to condemn or point the finger at any of you! What has been done has been done ... and we must forget and forgive!

I come carrying the Banner of Love. I suggest that you lift your hearts unto your God . and join me in the construc­tion of God's Kingdom upon earth. Love rules throughout the Universes and it must rule on earth, if the people are to be saved from themselves. You knew love as a child in part - now you shall know and receive the fullness of this love and peace both within yourself and in the outer world, if only you will set it into action. The New Heaven and Earth is not something far away in the sky, it is here and was always meant to be here. There is nothing but Love and Rightness meant in this letter. Do not try to interpret the meaning of this letter, it is plain and simple. THIS IS THE BEGINNING!

Some time will elapse giving you the opportunity to be one step ahead in beginning this work of Love and Peace, then this ministry -Love Is The Goal- A New Age Teaching Ministry of The Holy Spirit for All, will begin in my own Country, the United States. Then you will know that the time for God's Truth and Eternal Wisdom is about to be given to the people. These teachings will be for the people’s understandings of life, and the world of spirit, to make their living life upon earth with all their Brothers and Sisters, a more pleasant and sane way. I have accepted the task from the Spirit of God and the Prophets to give understanding to all about love, about God and about all the various walks and ways and religions in life, so Love, Peace and Unity amongst all can be a reality. Divine Love encompasses all!

I have also enclosed some scriptural teachings (some direct quotes, others, translation of quotes!) of the various world religions to show you how all speak of Love, Peace and Oneness. And a list of the many who have tried to get the world down through the ages to live according to God's Perfect Law of Life!

Beloved Ones, don't ignore these holy and true words given through God's messengers any longer. It's imperative for the survival of all that we adhere to them. We all shall worship as we were taught, but the Law of Love must be adhered to!

Sincerely In The Love and Light

of God's Divine Law,

( my signature was here)

Readers: I have left off the religious and spiritual teachings. They basically were showing how each country, each religion have the same teachings from their prophets about Love and Doing Unto Others. C.T.P

Thank You Administrator for allowing me to post this on Unexplained Mysteries.

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Comment icon #19 Posted by Charn 16 years ago
Dorph and Geoff No my friends I did not post the letter on the site. I would not do that. I post only on this site pertaining to my writings and experiences. I have no qualm with anyone who wishes to share the Letter, except if they are going to that then they should also post the explanation of the letter that is included on this site. As far ones belief or not in aliens that also is each individuals decision - I can not tell someone what not to believe or not. The TV program for the History channel, I had cancelled. I thought it was a bit too pushy. I am sorry Geoff that someone submitted th... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by Dorph 16 years ago
Where is this all leading us? You talk about us being able to change the path of which we are currently taking. There is alway talk of the second coming, aliens coming into front of house, the new world order...... This never happens, what is our path?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Lotus Flower 16 years ago
Where is this all leading us? You talk about us being able to change the path of which we are currently taking. There is alway talk of the second coming, aliens coming into front of house, the new world order...... This never happens, what is our path? Everybody has different paths, to all be herded the same way would be pointless, we would be like cattle. Why wait for any Second Coming, aliens, NWO? Continue on your own way, you have your own path as everyone has theirs. Don't wait for some catastrophic event, for some world changing event or for some change in consciousness, you may be waiti... [More]
Comment icon #22 Posted by Celumnaz 16 years ago
Don't wait for some catastrophic event, for some world changing event or for some change in consciousness, you may be waiting for a long time, if it were to ever happen at all. At the end of it all you may have wasted a lot of time. dunno about the rest, but that deserves a :tu:
Comment icon #23 Posted by Charn 16 years ago
the Path is simply Love - with love everything else would fall in place - Love is the goal and truth is the Path! Many do not know love in the higher sense of the word . Yes, there are many paths - that is inevitable, with the many who are traveling the Path - but the ultmate goal is Love. No matter who you read or what prophet or guru you are following their ultimate goal is Love for all and understanding of your Self. All that I have read through many years of traverse - each teachers uiltimate teaching is Love. Until Love fills this planet we call home and earth- wars will continue, stravat... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Unlimited 16 years ago
the Path is simply Love - with love everything else would fall in place - Love is the goal and truth is the Path! Many do not know love in the higher sense of the word . Yes, there are many paths - that is inevitable, with the many who are traveling the Path - but the ultmate goal is Love. No matter who you read or what prophet or guru you are following their ultimate goal is Love for all and understanding of your Self. All that I have read through many years of traverse - each teachers uiltimate teaching is Love. Until Love fills this planet we call home and earth- wars will continue, stravat... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by MasterPo 16 years ago
Is god and religion a way of just controlling the masses, SNIP Just as point of history religions have often used the wrath of their G-d as way to scare people into quiet submission. Not too different really from parents telling their children to behave throughout the year otherwise Santa Clause won't bring them any toys. There is no Santa (sorry) but it is an effective way to control little kids who don't know any better. Junk science is the latest way to control people's lives and behaviours. All it takes is some group (could jsut be a "group" of 1!) to put out a press release that eating th... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by King Techno 16 years ago
You know, usually I have something snippy to say about abductions and aliens and such, but, Charn, I really like your story; and it isn't some hoax, which is so bloody obvious anyway. You see bright entitys, like shining stars in the morning on a far-away planet; I see stout, wise, Christian-like religious societies of stout, wise, ETs with the unusual equivelent of a hovercraft that looks like it mated with a VW Beetle. I don't make up my stories, because I know they're real. No but me know they are, but it's their world when They come, for they are the Hand of God. I'm not a scientology pers... [More]
Comment icon #27 Posted by Geoff 16 years ago
Hi Charn, Thank you for your explanation. I was not offended, as much as greatly disappointed by the altered posting of your message. Mediumship is difficult enough, with its share of both incompetents and charlatans to have mischievous folks altering genuine messages to suit what they perceive to be a hot topic. And you are right. Love is the answer. My entire site is about love, in particular a love you can physically feel. Its free, and the best hit you are ever going to get.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Charn 15 years ago
Hi Charn, Thank you for your explanation. I was not offended, as much as greatly disappointed by the altered posting of your message. Mediumship is difficult enough, with its share of both incompetents and charlatans to have mischievous folks altering genuine messages to suit what they perceive to be a hot topic. And you are right. Love is the answer. My entire site is about love, in particular a love you can physically feel. Its free, and the best hit you are ever going to get. Friends of Unexplained Mysteries - Thank you for reading this article and for posting your thoughts. You can hear my... [More]

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