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Stephane Wuttunee

Extraterrestrials and ultradimensionals

August 15, 2008 | Comment icon 6 comments

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[!gad] Although I cannot speak for my people (the Plains Cree), my perception and understanding of the ET phenomena as a Native person and its global implications nevertheless comes in large part from having been partially raised within the culture itself. But first, a bit of my background. My name is Stephane Wuttunee. Although technically mixed blooded (my mother is French Canadian with a bit of Micmac blood from a few generations back), I possess full Native status both in the eyes of my people and the Canadian government. Our community is called Red Pheasant First Nation. It is a mid sized reserve found in west central Saskatchewan, Canada.

The first thing that one must know of my culture and its ways is that traditionally, we give far greater attention to the seeking of the spiritual understanding of things rather than going after “the truth” as people from dominant cultures tend to do. This is part of the reason why we tend to stand back and view or

Comments (6)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by 1.618 14 years ago
Very interesting post. I wonder if the aboriginal view in any way influenced the book supernatural.
Comment icon #2 Posted by mouse888 14 years ago
i believe the past hold some of the answers that we seek but to some skeptics its probably drugs
Comment icon #3 Posted by theQ 14 years ago
Well gee golly thanks dad...i'll pass this down to my children.
Comment icon #4 Posted by mfrmboy 14 years ago
Im very interested in reading more of your story. Can you go into more detail about your interactions with Bigfoot / Sasquatch? I find it fascinating how they are found in so many cultures and how they are perceived.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nephilim_Slayer 14 years ago
Aliens and UFO's are nothing but fallen angels from our own galaxy. They are not from trillions of light years away. They are closer than we realize. When satan and his followers were cast out of heaven they were stripped of their angelic looks and cast down to our earth AND our atmosphere. Their obsession with cattle mutilations and human abductions is their way of trying to figure out how exactly God creates things. They are not so "out of this world" from the darkest corner of our universe. That is why satan is referred to in the bible as "the prince of the powers of the air."
Comment icon #6 Posted by Astronema 14 years ago
To the person above me *You dont even know that is true okay* Well anyways Can you tell me more of the star people? Please Elder LOL well your obviously not that old but you seem older then me sense you have your own site hahah

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