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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

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Explorations out of the body

Posted on Monday, 23 March, 2009 | 6 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

In my book and in at least one other article I have described some of my seemingly paranormal experiences and the aftermath thereof, including an experience resembling in most (but not all) respects a ufo abduction, and my repeated close encounters of the worst kind with rather sinister individuals who turned out to be former members of the USAF ufo crash retrieval team. Along the way I have heard voices and footsteps in seemingly empty rooms. It might be argued that these are merely purely subjective dreams or hallucinations, but the powerful nature and the relative frequency of these experiences has convinced me that there is something more going on. Most people have inexplicable experiences from time to time, but we have all been programmed by those who control our society so that we tend to ignore and then forget them. In the normal twenty four hour sleep wake cycle, all of us, from time to time, slip, not down into sleep or up into our normal "waking" state (I don't think any of us are ever truly awake), but "sideways" into an altered state of consciousness. In this state we can perceive the wider and stranger reality that materialists deny, and, perhaps also be more clearly seen by its denizens, both for good and for ill. I have come to believe that this state is more frequent and vivid for certain individuals, and that these individuals tend to belong to certain blood lines which are targeted by the abducting entities and which are the subject of an unhealthy interest by the government elite.

But today I wish to write of one category of experience: voyages out of the body. Due perhaps to the drug used to sedate me for the medical procedure, I have no memory of my near death experience (I was briefly flatlined) but I have had several spontaneous out of body journeys which I do remember. I believe that these experiences have given me more insights into the true nature of reality than anything else that has happened to me.

Years ago, lying in bed half asleep, I would see, apparently inches from my face, in a kind of dim light that seemed to be blue, a rough surface resembling the plastered ceiling of my room. At the time, I dismissed it as a dream, but now, after all that has happened, I suspect that I was floating out of my body and near the ceiling.

Beginning in my adolescence I repeatedly had a strange and terrifying experience. I would be lying in bed drifting off to sleep when the sheets (or so it seemed at the time) would begin flapping violently up and down as though moved by some unseen ghostly or demonic hand. I would struggle to awaken, only to drift off again and have the experience repeat itself, sometimes several times in one night. Finally one night, exhausted beyond fear, I submitted and let the experience unfold. I felt myself drifting upward through my own skin, with a sensation rather like that experienced by an underwater swimmer upon breaking through the surface tension. Then I would drift off in space, apparently to one side. But, in every case, I was unable to see; I was in total darkness. Was I going to Hell for some unremembered sin? Was I doomed to drift forever in a dark limbo? Finally one time, drifting in the frightening darkness, I prayed to God to save me. No light appeared, but instantly the fear was gone and the darkness, so threatening a moment ago, was now warm and comforting.

I now believe that the "flapping sheets" were nothing of the kind, but that my consciousness was rapidly disconnecting and reconnecting with my physical body, so that I would alternately feel the sheets and not feel them. In other words, I was momentarily and repeatedly half in my body and half out, rather like a fat man stuck in a door. I have no explanation for the darkness I experienced when I finally left my body, save that during the other experiences, when I seemed to be floating near the ceiling, I seemed able to see, or at least perceive reality via a sense analogous to sight. My predicament (thus far) is this: either I am conscious of being out of the body but cannot see, or I can see but not realize that I am out of the body.

When I was well into middle age I was at my lady friend's (we are now married) condo. Waking up thirsty one night, I decided to go into the kitchen for a glass of water. I made my way down the hall, passing through the living room where I stopped to pet the cat who, uncharacteristically, clawed my hand...but without inflicting any damage or causing any pain. I should have realized at that point that something very strange was going on. Though it was dark, and seemed dark, I was able to see quite well, but, nevertheless, I tried to turn on the kitchen light, and, strangely, was unable to do so. I looked at the clock, and something about the time seemed all wrong, but I couldn't figure out what it was. Then I was back in bed. I realized that I had never really left the bed, but, seemingly, had dreamed I had. Now, I resolved, I will really get up and get a drink of water...but the experience, sans the cat scratching, merely repeated itself. Finally I really woke up and went to the kitchen for water, realizing that my previous two attempts had either been a bizarre and incredibly vivid dream or out of the body experiences...and, today, I am almost certain that they were the latter.

My most recent experience was just days before this writing. I got out of bed to use the bathroom. It has no night light, so I am in the habit of turning on the hall light so that a little illumination leaks under the door. But I was unable to make the switch work, nor the one in my bedroom, nor the one in the kitchen. A power outage, I wondered? But my clock was working, with its lighted face. Then I was back in my body and realized instantly what had happened.

Note the pattern here. I left the body after forming an intention to get up and go somewhere. I was unable to manipulate objects in the physical realm. And as soon as I began to suspect something was amiss, I snapped back into my physical body. Perhaps this is due to timidity on my part, yet I want to be able to do this more or less consciously, to explore such places as the chambers beneath the Sphinx at Giza or the Face and other ruins on Mars. The key seems to be in forming a strong, clear intent before going to sleep, and somehow having the will power to remain out of the body even when you realize what is happening...and it would be hard not to realize it on Mars. And there are very real dangers, and a little prayer can do no harm. If nothing else, this may be good practice for that final out of the body journey...the one we all make.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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