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Yoshimar Lopez

Psi-Balls, Qi Gong, & Telekinesis

April 18, 2009 | Comment icon 5 comments

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As young children, we used to imagine we could throw fire or lightning from the tip of our hands and dreamed to be able to move objects without having to touch them. I was fascinated by movie and comic book heroes because of the extraordinary things they could do. But now that we’re grown up, we’ve come to find out it’s all crazy talk and those things are only real in our minds…right? For many of us, supernatural powers are a hard thought to accept and many of them are something we may not comprehend. We feel they are something that simply cannot be possible in our realm of existence. But only because some of us are not capable of doing such things it does not mean it can’t be real. Maybe there is more to this world than having to perceive everything through our five senses and having to obey the laws of physics. Well like they say, laws were meant to be broken...

Anyone involved in the psychic section of the forums will sooner or later come across it, psi-balls. The manipulation of psychic energy formed in a ball or any shape at that matter. Its uses can range from healing, telepathy, or even telekinesis. Many here claim they have been able to throw it at objects causing them to move. Others say they have been able to implant thoughts into another's mind. While there are others saying they can see the energy and its colors. Believers claim they can do all sorts of things with them and skeptics try to prove them crazy. But how much of it is true and what really is possible with the concentration of energy?

I first came across psi balls when researching astral projection. I myself have experimented with psi-balls. As for results, I have only felt the energy between my hands. I have never seen it nor have I ever been able to move any objects with it. I have also experimented using a watcher: A technique I learned from Mellita Denning & Osborne Phillips' book, A Practical Guide to Astral Projection. A watcher is energy extracted from your solar plexus and formed into any desire shape such as a ball or even the shape of a human. The book recommends that you keep it simple and not try to shape it into something complex, such as an animal form, since it can take a life of its own. When made, you can send it anywhere you want. It can be sent to a place and make it explore it and take information or it can even be sent to a person's dream. After you call it back and absorb it, you will be bombarded with all sorts of images and emotions about its journey. I have never experimented using it to move things or heal anyone but I am sure it is possible.

There are many guides all over the web that show you step by step on how to create a psi-ball. Here's a link to one of them:

According to this site, the energy can be extracted from the sun or the sky through your crown chakra or the Earth from under your feet. The site also includes and easy to follow video

Qi Gong
Manipulation of energy is not a new subject. It is common for those involved in Qi Gong.

According to Wikipedia, Qigong is a traditional cultivating practice that involves methods of accumulating, circulating, and working with qi (or chi), breathing or energy within the body. Qigong is practiced for health maintenance purposes, as therapeutic intervention, as a medical profession, a spiritual path and/or component of Chinese martial arts.

Masters of Qigong are able to manipulate the chi around and inside of them. This ability allows them to cool or heat up anything they desire, such as water. They can also make their bodies lighter or heavier and they can heal physical bodies using electrical, or thermal, currents given off by their chi. The best display of such feats I've seen so far are by Master John Chang(expert with electricity) and Master Jo(expert with heat). Both of these masters are different and unique cases.


Master John Chang dedicates himself as a healer, using both his mental ability and acupuncture knowledge. He says his power derived from daily meditation of ancient secrets accompanied by the art of Qigong. Maser Chang treats his patients by conducing electrical shocks to the ill parts of their bodies. He is able to create the electric currents by bringing forth his negative energies from the low half of his body and the positive energies from the top half. When the two come together they create electricity. You first must learn to distinguish the difference between yin and yang chi in your body, be able to pull it to your navel chakra, and then project it. Under scientific testing, Chang was able to light up an led light bulb. He has also shown to be able to set things on fire, resist the shot of a pallet rifle, and give playful shocks to anyone who touches him. These days he conducts his practices under the radar and no longer teaches anyone on how to do it themselves, though it is said his son does.

Master Jo is also a mystic healer who specializes in using energy to create heat and send it into pressure points without the use of needles. He learned to harness this energy while growing up in China. His grandfather taught him kung fu and later learned the ancient art of Qigong from his uncle. He claims he can help people with problems such as headaches, stomach problems, fertility issues, and even cancer. Unlike Master Chang, Master Jo treats his patients by placing a piece of tin foil wrapped by a piece of paper towel over the affected area of their bodies and proceeds on increasing the temperature to an almost boiling point of incredible heat (instead of electricity) reaching up to 202F! Besides healing, Master Jo can also allow himself to become lighter or heavier. He demonstrates this by stepping on a sheet of paper, sustained above the ground, which would immediately tear if any other average human being were to get on. These days Master Jo is still offering his remarkable powers in the US.

The practice of Qi Gong can for sure have a great effect for those trying to use psi-balls or telekinesis as well as for a good health and mental state of being. It all comes down to meditation, well balanced chakras, and knowing the difference between positive and negative chi.

Besides ufos and aliens, probably one of the hottest topics on the site is the psychic ability of telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to influence the movement of an object by the will of mind alone. Being able to influence the fall of a dice, the bending of a spoon, or even the levitation of an object, are among some of the many possibilities of such ability. Other incredible abilities related to TK can be the power of thought projection or being able to teleport/levitate your body across distances. Such feats have been recorded throughout the century and even before, but perhaps one of the most controversial and well-known case of TK is that of Nina Kulagina.


Nina Kulagina was a Russian woman who for many years was able to conduct and repeat certain impressive psychokinetic experiments for the KGB. She was able to move objects up to a pound by merely waving her hands over them. She was also able to slow down and eventually stop the heart of a frog. In another test she almost brought the heart of a man to cardiac arrest. Some scientists theorized that the electro-magnetic field, given off by living tissue, was highly amplified in her. Kulagina was tested countless times, under controlled conditions, by many scientists and was never proven to be a hoax. Many skeptics tried their best to prove her a fake but had never any success. Not one was able to discover how she did it but these days it is said that she may have been using threads. Due to a heart attack brought on by the continuous mental strained, Nina Kulagina gave up displaying her mental gifts. She was later replaced by Alavina Gradova, a telekinetic medium who displayed the same level of Kulagina’s power.

Other cases of telekinetic ability have been that of an American woman named Felicia Parise and famous Israeli mentalist Uri Gueller.

These days it is no longer a mystery that our minds are more capable than just creating fascinating works of art or solving complicated algebraic problems, that is all just the tip of the iceberg. The only way to know more of it is to just dive in and seek the rest.

Metaphysical Tip: Meditating at least 10 minutes daily can help stabilize the energy in your body thus allowing more control over it.

Question(s) of the Article: What other feats do you think may be possible with Psi-balls or chi manipulation? Are there other techniques and martial arts that can help you develop these abilities? And are you into any of these practices? If so, what have been your results?

Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary K. Ash

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Mbyte 13 years ago
If there was psychic spies from china that could stop your heart all you have to do is be sufficient in Chi Kung so the couldn't affect you. Just like that metaphysical tip, 10 minutes will help stabilize your energy. 10 minutes twice a day for a year will result in really stable energy so stable that a tiny insignificant influence from a chinese heart stopping telekenetic spy wouldn't have a hope of stopping your heart. So for those that are worried about such things, don't worry. It's the same thing as the armour of god.
Comment icon #2 Posted by 3rd rock resident alien 13 years ago
It all came from the Sun. Connect with the Sun and nothing is impossible.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Xenojjin 13 years ago
I'm gonna see if I can do the heating pad thing...that seems like something awesome to amuse myself with for a while.
Comment icon #4 Posted by 3rd rock resident alien 13 years ago
Just rub your palm rub it for a while, when its hot, put your hands on the heating pad.
Comment icon #5 Posted by 1Batman1 13 years ago

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