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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: Robert Knudsen

The meaning of Dallas

Posted on Tuesday, 14 July, 2009 | 4 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

In 1963, the midpoint of the final, terrible century of the age, the century that began in 1913 and will end on 12/21/2012, someone shot President John Kennedy. They shot him in Dallas, within a degree of the thirty third parallel (33 is a very important number to the Freemasons), near the Trinity River. They shot him on 11/22, numbers that add up to thirty three. Every poll taken since then shows that a majority of Americans, and, indeed, anyone with his eyes and mind open, knows that the official story is a pack of lies and that Lee Harvey Oswald (if he fired any shots at all) did not act alone. While perhaps no single piece of evidence proves that conclusively, there is an overwhelming pattern of evidence (everything, and I mean everything is in the patterns) that can leave no doubt in any open mind. Yet most people have failed to realize the true significance of Dallas. Either our Republic was overthrown by a violent coup or (as I believe) it had long since been lost, and our secret masters were putting down a perceived threat from one of their own. Either way, everything that has happened since must be considered in this light.

Kennedy's alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a lifelong communist (or an extremely good actor) who had served at Atsugi Air Force Base in Japan, the base from which many of the U-2 spy planes flew. Oswald was given an early hardship discharge for which there was no real justification, and mysteriously obtained enough money to fly to Europe and defect to the Soviet Union, where he was given an apartment and a factory job and met his wife, Marina. Shortly after his defection, the Soviets finally managed to shoot down one of our U-2s. Then, claiming disillusionment with the Soviets, Oswald was allowed to return to the US, and lived for a time in New Orleans, where he had lived as a child. There he began handing out pro-Castro literature (why, if he was disillusioned with communism?) in pamphlets listing the address of his "Fair Play for Cuba" organization (he seems to have been the only member) as 544 Camp St, in the same building where private investigator Guy Banister, who had been an FBI agent in Chicago (remember that city) had his office and who worked now and then for New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello, who had reason to hate JFK (but so did a lot of people). Oswald's uncle had also worked for Marcello, and Oswald's former Civil Air Patrol leader, the bizarre homosexual CIA contract pilot David Ferrie, who also knew Clay Shaw.

Oswald moved to the Dallas area, where he was befriended (if that's the right word) by some White Russians (anti communists), including a shadowy figure calling himself George De Mohrenschildt, who seems to have had multiple connections with various intelligence organizations as least as far back as WWII. Why would anti communists befriend a communist? Years later, about to be interviewed by assassination researcher Edward Jay Epstein, De Mohrenschildt was "suicided" with a .22 pistol. Maybe it was suicide, and maybe it wasn't, but over the last few decades a great many people who knew too much for their own good have been suicided. And many, many people connected in some way with the assassination, if only as witnesses, would die within a few years after 1963...including David Ferrie and Clay Shaw.

Oswald got a job as a stock boy at the Texas School Book Depository on 10/16/63, just over a month before the shooting. On 11/18, the Secret Service, having already decided on Kennedy's motorcade route, suddenly rerouted it so that the President would pass directly in front of the depository, making right angle turns (and therefore having to slow down). In other words, the people charged with protecting the President, just happened to send him right by the building, out of all the buildings on all the streets in the Dallas area, where his alleged assassin just happened to have recently been given a job. Think about that.

Then Oswald, a mediocre shot in the Marines, allegedly shot JFK and Governor John Connally with two rounds, one of them allegedly hitting both men, the "magic bullet" that was found much later lying on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital in near pristine condition, after a local newsman reported having seen Jack Ruby in the hospital. People heard as many as three or even four shots, like James Worrell, who died in a motorcycle accident (?) less than three years later. Richard Carr also thought he heard four shots; he later survived being stabbed and survived a dynamite bomb in his car, after which he changed his story (I don't blame him). Several people thought that they heard shots coming from the grassy knoll; Lee Bowers, who claimed to have seen armed men on the knoll, died three years later in a one car accident. A Dallas policeman, directed by witnesses toward the grassy knoll, was turned back by a man coming from there, who flashed Secret Service indentification...but the Secret Service said that they had no men on the knoll. If so, why not? This one incident, all by itself, virtually proves a conspiracy.

Allegedly Kennedy was shot in the back of the head, but his head jerked backward, proving (unless people wish to repeal the laws of physics) that he was shot from the front, ruling out Oswald and ruling in the grassy knoll. Also, most of his blood, brain matter, and skull fragments spattered backward onto the trunk of the car. At the hospital, after Kennedy was pronounced dead, the Secret Service (who had been doing such a great job) overruled Texas law and that silly old Constitution and took his body away from the forensics experts there, flying it to DC where it vanished for some hours, only to reappear in an apparently somewhat altered state. Then the doctors at Bethesda Naval Hospital, who were not forensics experts, were able to determine that Kennedy was shot from behind.

Dallas police checked in all directions immediately after the shooting, and some ran into the School Book Depository, where they found Oswald on the second floor (he was iderntified by his boss and his alleged sniper's nest was on the sixth floor). He was calmly drinking a coke. Police also found Mafia associate Eugene Hale Brady in the nearby Dal-Tex Building, but did not follow up on it. Oswald returned to his rooming house; while he was there, his landlady, Earlene Roberts, testified that a Dallas police car containing two officers pulled up outside, honked twice, and then drove away. Now this is a rather singular event. Why did the Dallas police never explain this? If there is some innocent explanation for this mind-boggling coincidence, why was it never offered? Shortly thereafter, Oswald left his lodgings, and, some distance away, allegedly shot Officer JD Tippit, who, his sister later testified, had been visibly depressed and upset about something for several days. But eyewitnesses could not agree on the description of Tippit's killer; one of them, Warren Reynolds, testified that the shooter was definitely not Oswald, and the day after his testimony he was shot in the head and survived, and changed his story. This is getting to be a regular pattern. And Tippit, by the way, was miles from his regular patrol area, and this, too, has never been explained. Oswald then went to a movie theater.

Meanwhile, the Dallas police issued an alert for someone of Oswald's description as a suspect in the JFK killing...on what basis? At this point there was nothing whatever to tie him to the assassination. They then arrested him in the theater and charged him with the shootings of JD Tippit and John Kennedy...again, on what basis? All this happened on 11/22.

Three days later, during which time Oswald had not been allowed to talk to a lawyer, the most important prisoner the Dallas police have ever held (or ever will) was shot dead in their custody by Jack Ruby, who entered the police basement through an unguarded and unlocked (why?) side door to shoot Oswald one time in the stomach with a .38 revolver. People have survived stomach wounds from even more powerful handguns, but Oswald, being taken to another jail by the police at the time of the shooting, died. Presumably some of the police had first aid training, and they could have rushed him to the hospital in the waiting police vehicle...but their most important prisoner ever died before he could talk, killed by a man most of them knew. For Jack Ruby ran a strip joint where many of the officers (including Tippit?) received various "favors." And Ruby was a Mafia associate originally from Chicago, where his boss had been Sam Giancana, the same San Giancana who helped Joe Kennedy throw the election for John, who then betrayed the Mafia. This was the same Giancana who had a relationship with Judith Campbell Exner, who was also one of John Kennedy's many mistresses, and this same Sam Giancana, just before he was to testify before Congress, was shot in the head with a .22 pistol (like George De Mohrenschildt). His Mafia associate, Pete Roselli, also turned up dead about that time, cut into pieces and stuffed into an oil drum, and Jack Ruby died of cancer in 1967. And Chicago was where Guy Banister had served in the FBI. Truly, the plot thickens.

So there was a conspiracy, and only two questions remain: who did it, and what does it all mean for us today?

A lot of people hated JFK, including the Mafia, the anti Castro Cubans, and fomer CIA chief Allen Dulles, whom JFK had fired, and who, conveniently, would later serve on the Warren Commission. Lyndon Baines Johnson clearly benefited, by moving to the nice house on Pennsylvania Avenue. Some of these people and groups are normally thought of as "right wing," but the fact is that the killing in Dallas was followed by the Civil Rights Act, food stamps, gun control, and the leftist student movement. The murder of JFK moved America sharply leftward, so perhaps we need to think beyond conventional labels like "right wing" and "left wing." The coverup could not have succeeded without the complicity of all the major media outlets, LBJ, the Secret Service, the FBI, and Congress after Congress and President after President in the years since. In other words, the government and media had to have been corrupt beyond redemption even before Dallas, so this was no coup. Our government was already controlled by liars and murderers, and, for some reason, they believed that the arrogant and dishonest Kennedy, clearly one of their own kind, had somehow become a threat to them. History tells us, and events since have proven, that when a government comes under control of people ruthless enough to murder, it does not magically reform itself. Once in, such people cling to power, as do their chosen successors.

It is in this light that we need to reconsider strange events before Dallas, like Pearl Harbor. And it is in this light that we need to take a hard look at the terrible things that have happened since: Jonestown, Waco, Oklahoma City, the first World Trade Center bombing, and, yes, 9/11. We are ruled by criminals, and it is time for us to think the unthinkable...if it is not already too late.

William B Stoecker

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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