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  Columnist: Doc Edwards

Image credit: sxc.hu

"Asking for" and "receiving" Angelic help

Posted on Monday, 5 April, 2010 | 7 comments
Columnist: Doc Edwards

I think most everyone, who has been involved in, or even dabbled in, metaphysics and spiritual things,--- at least when they try to relate to someone else about some amazing or incredulous thing that may have happened to them, something that anyone else would consider as "impossible" --- has been in the situation of the Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll's famous Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, where the Queen astounds Alice when she states unequivocally to the dismayed young girl, Alice, "Why sometimes, I I think as many as two or three impossible things before breakfast!"

All of us, who have dealt with these so-called "impossible things" have had certain remarkable experiences throughout the course of our lives --- incredible, even otherwise "impossible," things that stand out above all others as just those situations that transformed our lives in ways and means as no others have.

In my life it has been the discovery of just "How To" make contact with the higher angelic realms, and the consequent help and phenomenal assistance that I received as a consequence of making that all important contact. While the story of "just how" I was to stumble upon and discover that specific information of "How To" make this incredible contact would not only be an amazing tale in its own right, as well as fill a large tome by itself, that is not what is important to what I want so desperately to relate to all those who might read this little article. Rather, I want to emphasize and re-assure you ( particularly those who might also, at this very moment, be desperately searching and trying to find just such information as that of "How To Contact And Receive Angelic Help") that such specific and direct information does exist and is available. Of course, one could spend a considerable amount of time searching, as I once did, but hopefully this article will meet the needs of your quest.

I also want to emphasize for all of those who might doubt that such an unusual prospect as what I suggest is possible in this article, is actually true: that angels do exist, in a realm and way that is beyond anything even reasonably comprehensible in human terms of understanding, or for that matter, possibly even capable of being easily integrated into one's normal and "acceptable" belief system. Unfortunately though, with that having been said, I cannot possibly offer any hope of resolution to those who simply cannot accept, what certainly would appear "prima facie" as such a scientifically untenable proposition; rather, I can only encourage you to not close the door to what "might be possible" simply because of your inability to go a step or two beyond your own limiting beliefs and firm convictions (whether true or speculative) of what you so tenaciously believe as "most likely impossible." Remember what Shakespeare once said, " There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet, Act I, scene 5)

Angels and the existence of angelic realms, nor the possibility for help and rescue from their quarter, cannot possibly appeal to those who insist that everything they consider and approach must necessarily have a scientifically reasonable explanation. Angels and their existence simply do not! Let me state up-front and unequivocally that there is no explanation for their existence or the unusual, supernatural help that they bring with their presence that can fit neatly, or for that matter, even" loosely" into the modern world of scientific rationale and reason. To get to angelic help, you must be willing to move beyond the "reasonable" as well as the "acceptable" and " known."

But for the rest of you, who might be so gullible, ...or I might should add,...so smart and intuitively intelligent,... as to believe as even remotely possible all that I suggest in this little article, angels can bring into your life the most incredible and amazing experiences, experiences so phenomenal and miraculous that they leave no lingering doubts in the mind --- of believers and non-believers alike ---- as to their origin and source in the supernatural realms of all that our science and other modern marvels have somehow missed, or totally left-out of the catalogue of "possibilities" of what just might be really possible, and what just might not be. For when angels come, they come with miraculous help, help and assistance in solving just those human problems and dilemmas that seem to yield to no other course of action.

If you are dealing with some aspect of your life that seems particularly untenable or incapable of being solved by all of your normal efforts to date, then this is where angelic help often shines as bright and white as the angels are themselves. You can discover more information about "angels" and "angelic help" at my website www.tomorrowsprophecy.com But let me also add a warning here, lest there would be those who are so bold as to test angelic resolve, angels will not assist any endeavor that involves interfering with the free will of another person. While their help is readily available to all those who know how "to apply for and request such help," nevertheless there are certain and specific steps involved in receiving and getting that help; but once these are known and mastered, the possibilities, not only just for you and your life alone, but others as well, who might come to you seeking this unusual help, are truly unlimited, even to those who might have once disbelieved, or simply thought such phenomenal and miraculous things, "impossible.".

Article Copyright© Doc Edwards - reproduced with permission.

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