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Unexplained Mysteries

10 years of UM: Past site designs

March 2, 2011 | Comment icon 67 comments

Image Credit: Unexplained Mysteries
[!gad]As of today (March 2nd 2011) it has been exactly 10 years since was founded, that's an entire decade of news stories, forum discussions and content from what has grown from a small handful of visitors to a thriving community of over 90,000 members and almost 4 million posts.

To celebrate the occasion we've put together a collection of screenshots that illustrate some of the changes in the site's design over the years, those of you who have been with us for a while will likely remember some of these - which design were we using when you first joined ?

Pre-launch original design2001 site and forum launched
2002 - Alternate "dark" design2003-2007 : Blue/Grey design debuts
2008-2009: Updated header design2010-2011 : Most recent layout

Comments (67)

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Comment icon #58 Posted by LightAngel 3 years ago
† I would also love a more "underground" layout!†
Comment icon #59 Posted by Gwynbleidd 3 years ago
I would like an option to have a black background or at least a darker coloured background.† It'd just go a little easier on my eyesight †
Comment icon #60 Posted by LightAngel 3 years ago
† I have good eyesight, but I would also love a more darker layout!†
Comment icon #61 Posted by RoseDancer 3 years ago
Oh please don't change it. I'm just starting to find my way around.††
Comment icon #62 Posted by S I N 2 years ago
If you use firefox you can apply apps that change every site you visit to a DARK theme
Comment icon #63 Posted by Scholar4Truth 2 years ago
I joined in 2013. So I'm guessing it was the current design?
Comment icon #64 Posted by UFO_Monster 2 years ago
I don't remember if the design was the same or not back in 2007, but I remember that there was a chat room that was fairly active.
Comment icon #65 Posted by Scholar4Truth 2 years ago
I am just curious but at one time didn't this site have an audio section? I remember there used to be a section of audio's of supposed Bigfoot sounds and strange noises.†
Comment icon #66 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons 2 years ago
I don't recall that there ever was a dedicated section, however there very well may have been topics or posts that linked to audio recordings.
Comment icon #67 Posted by Saru 2 years ago
There was actually a section like that, but it was way back in the earliest days before YouTube and social media.

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