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L.M. Leteane

Quetzalcoatl - when will he return?

December 30, 2012 | Comment icon 3 comments

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[!gad]“The Mayan Prophecy, can only be understood through Quetzalcoatl, their beloved god who started off their Calendar”, says author L.M. LETEANE. The following is an extract from his book They Came From the Sky:

While Christians and Muslims continue to await the second coming of Jesus Christ—and the Baha’i on the other hand say that this event has already occurred in 1844 AD with the coming of Bahaullah—the Mayans and many other South Americans still await the return of their beloved god Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl, who is also the Egyptian Wisdom-god Tehuti (Thoth), had cryptically promised them that he would return on ‘the thirteenth instance of my magic number’. Thoth-Quetzalcoatl’s ‘magic number’ is actually 52. But since the Mayan calendar ends abruptly on its thirteenth Baktun, many thought that this was the ‘magic number’ he was referring to…a number he also used often.

What is a Baktun? It is a period of 144 000 days—a number or figure also associated not only with those to be saved at the ‘end of time’, but also with the number of blocks used in building the Great Pyramid of Giza. The name ‘Giza’ is a pointer to who the builder or great architect is. It is Thoth himself, whose Sumerian name was Ningishziddha, and ‘Giza’ is a further abbreviation of Gizzida, how he was affectionately called. As the Divine Architect, he is reputed to have built the three greatest pyramids of Egypt. Scholars have interpreted his return to come by the end of thirteen of these Baktuns, which gives 1 872 000 days, and they therefore divided this by 365.25 days to make 5125 years. They added this figure to the calendar that began on 3113 BC, and the date became 2012 AD.

The Mayans, however, must have had a different method of calculation (or they were being merely anxious) because a meeting was even convened in 763 AD to attempt to figure out why their beloved god had not yet returned...

Now, let me add my own interpretation of this mystery.

It seems to me that the date of 2012 AD is valid—but not correct. There are yet other levels to this. The first such level, as pointed out by author Zechariah Sitchin, is that the correct length of one Tun is 360 days (although Mayans were aware that the solar year is 365.25 days). This means the thirteen Baktuns (1 872 000 days) is now divided by 360 days to become 5200 years—100 lots of Thoth’s ‘magic number’. When added to 3113 BC, the new date becomes 2087 AD.

The second level is one even Sitchin did not to take into account: what Thoth really meant when he said on ‘the thirteenth instance of my magic number’. As pointed out, Thoth-Quetzalcoatl’s ‘magic number’ is actually 52. Accordingly, my own analysis is as follows: to 2087AD, we must add 13.846 lots of 52 years, and we have 720 additional years that take us from 2087AD to 2807 AD. The figure of 720 contains 13 (almost 14) complete lots of 52—just as Thoth had said!

Interestingly, since the Earth moves one degree every 72 years (or 360 degrees every 25 920 years), 720 x 360 = 259 200…the number of 10 zodiacal cycles!

To this we add the final piece. This relates to his departure date of 562 BC—which is 562 years to the end of an era, or to the new Pieces Age: O AD. O AD is also an ‘end-time’ because a new calendar was to begin from there. When we add 562 years to 2807 AD, the new and final date is 3369 AD. Per the table provided, this date happens to coincide with the next ‘End Days’. It marks the next return of comet Marduk! Thoth was thus telling the Mayans that he will only return at the ‘end of time’! This may of course be literal—or a cryptic way of saying: ‘I’ll never return’...

L.M. Leteane is a self-published author and independent researcher residing in Gaborone, Botswana.

His e-books, including They Came From the Sky (288 pages, US$12.50), are available at his website http://pitoronet.com.

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Babe Ruth 10 years ago
A very good question. I am curious, and hope that it is soon. Happy New Year.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Mag357 10 years ago
William Miller who founded today's 7th Day Adventist back in the 1840's made predictions of the end and when the 1st ending didn't come he recalculated thus the 2nd ending didn't come either. You cry, Wolf too many times and you get ignored.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Amalthe 10 years ago
Where did you get information that there's 144.000 stone blocks in Great Pyramid of Giza? number is closer to 2,3 million blocks. If it would be 144.000, it wouldn't take 20 years to build such monument if you lay one block every 5 minutes... What is a Baktun? It is a period of 144 000 days—a number or figure also associated not only with those to be saved at the ‘end of time’, but also with the number of blocks used in building the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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