Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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  Columnist: Stephen Treehorn

Image credit: Mark J Sebastian

David Icke and the Buddha

Posted on Wednesday, 26 June, 2013 | 8 comments
Columnist: Stephen Treehorn

Quite a combination you might think, but having read the writings of both it does seem they expound almost identical knowledge. Almost. Perhaps the most well known 'fact' about David Icke is his belief that the Queen, amongst others, is a great big lizard. What he actually states is that through genetic manipulation there is a bloodline network which pretty much controls the world. This bloodline, sometimes referred to as the blue blood, has a strong reptilian genetic element which allows for the human subjects to be 'possessed' by a reptilian race. Through this possession the rest of humanity is subjected to perpetual war, banking scams, famine etc etc.

Now you might be asking where the Buddha fits into all of this. Well Nagajuna is a revered Buddha and one day after providing a discourse he observed two of the attendees disappearing to the netherworlds. Nagajuna followed them and encountered half man half serpent beings who in exchange for his assistance handed over The Perfection of Wisdom Sutras. These scriptures had been kept from mankind for some time and outlined the Buddha's final teachings on the nature of our reality. And of course by understanding the nature of reality you are able to manoeuvre it for your benefit; and here we have the reptilian connection.

The Buddha and David Icke have similar views on the nature of reality in that the power is held within us to achieve Nirvana by connecting again with the oneness. There is a divergence of sorts in explaining why we experience such suffering but both use the term consciousness to explain where we came from and that body/mind is simply a vehicle by which we experience this world. David Icke explains body/mind as a form of telescope through which this world is experienced whilst the Buddha spoke of appropriating contaminated aggregates on rebirth of form, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors, and consciousness. The main distinction here is that whilst David Icke considers it a given that we return to oneness after death, the Buddha explained the various realms that we might be blown to by karmic potentialities.

In short both deduce that nothing is fixed and through knowledge and manipulation the human condition can be affected. So we wake up, go to work, pay our bills, get old, get ill and die. Life is a grind, chasing the money, never quite getting what we want with short-lived and deceptive pleasures. But what came first, our negative karmic potentialities to create these lapses in happiness or the lizards/archon/bloodline conspiracy? Well the Buddha said since beginingless time we have experienced samsara (cycle of existence) and in the Buddhist text the Samyutta Nikaya an esoteric explanation is given for why this account should suffice:

Once the Blessed One was staying at Kosambi in the Simsapa forest. Then, picking up a few Simsapa leaves with his hand, he asked the monks, "What do you think, monks: Which are more numerous, the few Simsapa leaves in my hand or those overhead in the Simsapa forest?"

"In the same way, monks, those things that I have known with direct knowledge but have not taught are far more numerous [than what I have taught]. And why haven't I taught them? Because they are not connected with the goal, do not relate to the rudiments of the holy life, and do not lead to disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to calm, to direct knowledge, to self-awakening, to unbinding. That is why I have not taught them."

Without a shadow of a doubt our five sense experience is flawed. We interpret the vibrational/photon level of reality into an army of mischievous pixies blighting the landscape of our optimism. Of course if we accept the holographic proposition our senses simply receive wave energy which the brain morphs into chunks. So why are we so driven by desire and a slave to a system which by common agreement is deeply imbalanced? Genetic manipulation and karma go some way to explain this sorry state of affairs, by why does the telescope view so much suffering and why is it that we started appropriating negative karma? David Icke spoke on this subject back in 2005:

"I would say it is our own collective subconscious that has taken on a life and mind of its own. An ancient Hindu myth says that human consciousness had begun as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of consciousness – the 'timeless, spaceless and eternal'. When it awakened to itself in this 'disconnected' state, the myth said, it forgot that it was part of the infinite ocean and felt isolated and separated. This is pretty much what I am saying in my own way. In this disconnected state - like little lost children - we have collectively created the Matrix and become controlled and deluded by our own creation."

This disconnection would allow for the notion of the 'I' to manifest and this 'I', the one we cherish, would start running around accumulating negative karma. But it does still beg the question as to why, from a state of blissful equilibrium, such a catastrophic schism took place. There appears to be an abundance of injustice and also beauty in our world, in some respects just enough suffering and compassion for spiritual progress to be made. It is often beneficial to see the journey of life as a type of cosmic game, where we encounter benevolent and malevolent characters, pleasant and unpleasant experiences. We as participants have to make sense of these episodes and try to keep a good intention throughout. And with this perspective and on closer examination might we be heading to the question of Creator. I will leave you with the words of Carl Sagan:

"We long to return, and we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." All will be revealed beyond the realms of time.

Article Copyright© Stephen Treehorn - reproduced with permission.

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