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  Columnist: Jann Burner

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On writing

Posted on Wednesday, 17 September, 2014 | 5 comments
Columnist: Jann Burner

I think "we", as eternal consciousness visiting, inhabiting and exploring the 3d Earth plain have made an error in the way we view "writing" and especially "creative writing". For many, many years we have taught that if you learn and follow the rules of sentence structure, attend many years of school and read a lot of books that you will be able to write and the rare talented few may even be able to write really well. These rare few are often highly rewarded by their culture and become famous published authors.

Now after having lived for the better part of a century I have learned certain things. One of the things I have learned is that humans are here to grow their soul and among the skills necessary in order to accomplish this task one needs to learn how to manifest intention, to actually manifest reality. I have a friend who can actually manifest her intention and twist a heavy metal spoon into odd configurations with apparently no effort on her part. Now what would bending a spoon have to do with anything?

When a specific metaphor and a reader's personal experience close, they set up a vibrational resonance. When the "resonance" is first felt one might note a feeling that "this makes sense". As the vibrational field continues to close one might begin to see the particular matrix of metaphors as "true". Then comes the "Ah ha…" feeling which means that one might notice a slight "deja vu" feeling as if the "idea" or metaphor stream is more than objectively true, it becomes an "inner truth" and then if the metaphor bridge arches from the printed page directly into the reader's heart it becomes intimately personal and is capable of dissolving long held frozen emotion resulting in tears, shaking, or other signs of physical discharge. This feeling of resonance is the first level of manifesting intention. At the moment you are resonating there is no personal ego involved. After all, there is no threat and no reward, just words upon a page, images on a canvas or tonal sounds in the air. That feeling of resonance is like the feeling of coming from a dark cave into bright warm sunlight. It is the momentary feeling of the spirit free of the personal ego.

The purpose of manifesting intention is to teach one how to disengage from the protective cloak of the personal ego. Once free of the egoistic restraint one’s soul and higher self can actually begin to manifest reality. In our culture there are many examples of this skillful intention but they are not apt to be found hiding behind a PhD or Dr’s name plate. The gift and skill of the creative writer, along with the creative musician, painter or other artist manifesting creative intention, is that they have learned how to set aside the protective cloak of the personal ego and allow themselves to merely "witness" the movement of the pen or brush being held by a higher form of their consciousness. When this is accomplished the reader or the viewer of the painting or the listener to the song feels that resonance and is truly moved. It isn’t the creative "story" or content of the "picture" or even the lyrics of the "song" that moves the audience, it is the manifestation of what is possible through directed intention without the involvement of the personal ego. The resonance felt by the audience is a synchronistic/Déjà vu feeling that recognizes that "I could do that!" And some day I will do that!

I have no doubt that within the next hundred years young humans will accept it as perfectly natural that they are able to move objects with their mind or read a close friends thoughts without the need of a cell phone. I have no doubt that at some point in the distant future we will not only send forth explorers to distant planets for the sake of discovery but we will actually manifest other worlds to be explored.

Article Copyright© Jann Burner - reproduced with permission.

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