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  Columnist: Rob MacGregor

Image credit: Wikipedia

Alien abductions of children

Posted on Thursday, 6 November, 2014 | 0 comments
Columnist: Rob MacGregor

You might think there’s nothing quite so eerie as the idea of being abducted by alien beings, placed on a table and probed with strange instruments as entities with large black eyes or insect-like appearances hover over you. Even more frightening is the idea of that happening to children. Yet, it seems that many of those who say they’ve experienced multiple abductions throughout their lives were first snatched at a very young age. Connie J. Cannon, a retired nurse from St. Augustine, Florida has clear memories of at least three childhood abductions.

When she was four years old, she lived directly across the street from the Alabama governor’s mansion in Montgomery. Her older sister was already in school and Connie wanted to look like a big girl, so she would carry a couple of books and stroll up and down on the brick wall that lined the sidewalk along the front lawn of her house.

“One morning as I was playing schoolgirl, walking along the wall and carrying the books, a very tall entity appeared at the end of the wall. It's a crystal clear memory. This being was at least seven and a half feet tall. Yes, I was little, but the entity was not human height. I knew the difference. It seemed to be male although it had blond hair that reached below its shoulders and pale white skin like an albino. He was wearing a one-piece silver-gray garment with long sleeves. That's very clear because it was so different from anything I'd ever seen.”

There was no one else around. At that time, it was safe for kids to play outside without supervision. When she turned to walk in the opposite direction on the wall, the entity wrapped a long thin arm around her from behind. “I screamed, and then I was up in the air. The next memory I have is that I was back on the wall, but the books were strewn on the lawn.”

That’s when a woman appeared in the yard. “She came and took my hand and walked me to our door, then just seemed to vanish. I don't recall much about the woman. She didn't say a word.”

That night, Connie woke up with projectile vomiting that continued for several days. “I told my Mom and Dad about the ‘man’ taking me and that I saw the roof of our house from above it. Mom told me it was my imagination. It wasn't. After that, I wouldn't play outside anymore by myself.”
The next abduction memory she had was when she was seven and was sitting on her twin bed coloring in a coloring book. “I remember suddenly being tucked under what seemed to be a long thin arm of a weird-shaped entity, a really small entity, and we literally glided up some kind of straight line that looked like a string or beam of light. As we went up, I could hear a high-pitched steady sound.”

That was all remembered, but that night she again came awake with projectile vomiting. “My sister has vivid memories of the Grays being in our shared bedroom. We've talked about them as adults.”

Her next encounter happened when she was nine. She was playing outside with neighbor kids at my grand parents house in Atlanta. “We were picking blackberries from a thick patch of vines between the yards. There was a feeling like the ground shifted under us, and we all looked up. I don't recall what we saw, but the next morning, I woke up and vomited before I could make it to the bathroom.”

Those early experiences were just the beginning of a life-long series of encounters with beings that terrorized her and benevolent beings that guided her. Fortunately for Connie, her memories of what happened during the childhood abductions were blocked. Yet, imagine the fear that child must have experienced during the events. Here’s another case.

Maurice, a middle-aged engineer residing in Montreal, sent me an e-mail after I had appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory to talk about my book Aliens in the Backyard, co-authored with Trish MacGregor. Maurice told me he was a life-long abductee and had never told anyone about it. He said his experiences began in 1975 when he was five years old. His mother had gone into labor so his parents sent him and his older sister to their grandparents’ home, where the first incident occurred.

“I know it was late because it was dark. I clearly recall playing in the basement with my tricycle. I looked at the window and saw six gray metallic boots and tight metallic pants covering very skinny legs. Suddenly, a milky white light covered me and I don’t remember anything else. To this day, I can’t go down that basement by myself. I shift into a panic mode just at the thought of going down there. This is but one of the numerous unpleasant memories that haunt me.”

(Excerpted from BUMP IN THE NIGHT: Ghosts, Spirits & Alien Encounters, by Rob MacGregor, Crossroad Press, 2014)

Article Copyright© Rob MacGregor - reproduced with permission.

- Rob & Trish MacGregor

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