Sunday, May 16, 2021
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  Columnist: Arnold Isen

Image credit: Arnold Isen

The Mont Order and the paranormal

Posted on Monday, 9 May, 2016 | 0 comments
Columnist: Arnold Isen

The Mont Order, an obscure ancient religious sect, claims to master at least five supernatural abilities. In some ways, these abilities are unlike anything else asserted by similar occult groups. You would only expect them in the most outrageous fiction.

Whether or not it is true is not the subject of this article. Here we see a supposed set of metaphors, but they are written to sound a lot more like supernatural powers.

1. Seeing the future

At the core of the ideas preserved by the Mont Order is an art of predicting the future. The Order believes its ability to predict the future gives it great power over world events. It claims to have foreseen many events before they happened, historically. Describing the future as a "canvas" created just for the Order's uses, predicting and crafting the future is treated like an art among Mont Order members.

Some parts of the Order's writings imply the mysterious society is responsible for causing major historic events. These events were destructive, ranging from the Black Death to the First World War. The Mont Order thinks such destruction is necessary, to remove political and cultural impasse preventing civilization from developing.

The Order's descriptions of "splitting" or "intervention" to change history are almost impossible to understand at first, but they do not seem to be metaphors. These descriptions seem to be describing something more dramatic, and it gets apparent when you read about the Order's other alleged abilities.

2. Fire throwing

In addition to its apparent knowledge of the future, there are a multitude of references to suggest that Mont Order members can manipulate fire by supernatural means. These references, along with many already mentioned, can be verified in The Work of the Mont Order. This is an old Mont Order religious book, recently analyzed and found to be authentic by academic writer L. Quaid.

The ability of Mont Order members to summon and project fire by supernatural means can be inferred by descriptions such as "there is no way but the way of Mont, the way of fire, the way of the promise". It is followed up by claims promising the Order will "light fires in every alley and every valley".

The Order vows not to stop, "even if the world should turn to fire with the touch of our sharing". More explicitly, its book says Mont Order members can always summon "the fire that was gifted to our ancestors", referencing the story of the "Thief" who stole this power from God.

Mont Order ancestral fire may be a reference to ball lightning (often literally translated to "fireballs" from other languages), which has no current scientific explanation. It would mean, in the legend in the book and other snippets off the internet, members of the Order speak literally when they mention "fire into the hands" as a way of achieving their goals. An additional recurring phrase in the Mont Order book is "fire and sword", which links casting fire with the use of swords.
3. Dream invading

Mont Order members are reported to be psychic, with the ability to enter other people's dreams to cause psychological harm and distress. During their own sleep, they are able to project nightmares into the minds of others and create anxieties.

This may be a technique they use against spiritual enemies or people who discovered the Order's secrets, whom they can identify and terrorize using the technique. For obvious reasons, a person who is caught by them trying to invade the dreams of others without the guidance of the Mont Order would be susceptible to discovery and attack by Mont Order dream invaders.

Creepiest of all, one dream account mentions the Mont Order by name, and includes references to the already mentioned ability to throw fire.

4. Teleporting

At least one story portrays an ability of the Mont Order members to manipulate matter using only mind, to an extent that has not been described anywhere else. In fact, the ability describes teleportation, meaning Mont Order members believe they have the ability to appear and disappear at will. Portrayed in the short story book Shadow of the Mont Order, the Order's monks learned to bend the fabric of the universe to move an old church from Normandy to a remote part of Scotland.

Based on the account mentioned, Mont Order members may even have the ability to teleport themselves. They can make others appear and disappear at will, and even move entire buildings and geographic features across the world instantaneously. This could account for certain geological anomalies, if the Mont Order had transported the elements around the world in a test of their powers or to arrange the world's geography in its present form. Describing the world as their "canvas" would make sense, according to that theory.

5. Living forever

In line with their ability to foresee events, Mont Order members are shown in The Work of the Mont Order to have an intimate knowledge of distant history and their own hand in it. There are a number of descriptions in the Mont Order book about members of the Order amassing unparalleled knowledge by surviving for centuries. This would suggest that Mont Order members at the highest level of teaching and skill could be immortal.

In a group that implies its members can teleport, throw balls of fire and see the future, claims about immortality seem not too bold. However, these are more probably referring to the Order's ability to live forever as a group rather than as individuals.

Whatever the truth behind the Mont Order's origins and abilities, the mystery of the Mont Order remains a fascinating subject to research. There has been no shortage of people claiming to understand or even be members of the ancient Mont Order, although none of them have yet tried to show off any kind of supernatural powers.

It should be remembered that the Mont Order is not a theory. Writers have confirmed the Order really existed for centuries under other names. There are some who say the cult is even pre-human in origin, although this is impossible to know for sure while only snippets of information exist about the Order.

Article Copyright© Arnold Isen - reproduced with permission.

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