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David Lange

The Paranormalist

January 25, 2019 | Comment icon 9 comments

Image Credit: stockxpert
The term "paranormal" is defined as not being in accordance with the natural or known scientific laws, or beyond the scope of scientific understanding. The suffix "-ologist" denotes an expert in a particular kind of scientific study. Combining these two, I came up with the innovative new title, "paranormalist." When I first wrote this article in 2005 I intended to include the best paranormal investigators from around the world, however what I discovered after a great deal of research through some of the most credible sources (from the Parapsychological Association to Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints Office) is that one name excels and stands out far and above all others in such a remarkable way, it would be very remiss of me not to focus entirely on this investigator. Truly deserving of the title, "paranormalist", Christopher Chacon is one of the world's foremost authorities in the scientific investigation, research and exploration of the paranormal. It is because of Chacon's extraordinary experience in-the-field and his varied professional and scientific backgrounds that lends him this unique distinction. In addition to being a trained parapsychologist, Chacon was a veteran scientific field investigator/researcher with an international scientific agency that specialized in anomalies. For nearly forty years now he has traveled to every corner of the world exploring phenomena that defies the known laws of nature and physics.

To better understand Chacon's vast experience, let us briefly detail his incomparable background. First, there are his many years as a parapsychologist, conducting thousands of investigations into all manner of phenomena, also collaborating with some of the most prominent fellow parapsychologists in the world. A decade later, Chacon was recruited by a private scientific agency, made-up of an army of scientists, from astrophysicists to zoologists, equipped with a vast arsenal of super next-generation technology, investigating and researching phenomena around the world utilizing cutting-edge scientific methods and protocols. A dozen or so years and thousands of cases later, Chacon left the agency and has been taking-on clients and cases as an independent consultant for almost two decades now. In addition to the cases he takes-on, Chacon has participated on countless expeditions and research projects dealing with all manner of ancient and/or arcane discoveries relating to the supernatural and occult beliefs, extraterrestrial visitation and cryptids (i.e. unknown life-forms). And before all this took place, Chacon mastered the art of magic, performing internationally as a professional magician, giving him an insight into how many so-called paranormal experiences can be misperceived.

The term "paranormal" is an all-encompassing category that covers most extraordinary phenomena that is outside the normal understanding of nature and the universe. Chacon deals with every aspect of the paranormal including: hauntings and poltergeists, possessions and miracles/divine interactions, cryptid encounters, UFOs and extraterrestrial close encounters, all manner of psychic and parapsychological phenomena (i.e. clairvoyance, psychokinesis, astral projection, etc.), occult and metaphysical phenomena (i.e. witchcraft, reincarnation, black magic, etc.) and all manner of anomalous phenomena (i.e. crop circles, raining frogs, space/time distortions, etc.).

Chacon is quick to point-out that some 70% to 80% of all paranormal experiences in the world are not actually paranormal at all and have logical explanations. "The causes behind these cases fall into one or more categories, including psychological, physiological and environmental, just to name a few" Chacon says. Leaving some 20% to 30% of all experiences as authentic paranormal phenomena. Chacon adds that across the board a significant percentage of these experiences are actually being misinterpreted, "I have found case after case where the phenomena being reported turns out to be something entirely different. There are also countless cases of phenomena being reported as authentic, when in fact they are logically explainable, as well as phenomena being dismissed as explainable when they turn out to be authentic."

Chacon's extensive background and vast knowledge and expertise allows him to not only deal with every type of paranormal phenomena imaginable, but also gives him the insight and unique ability to assess and adapt to each phenomena and situation, utilizing different models and techniques to approach each phenomena and situation. And because Chacon maintains such a high level of confidentiality for his clients and throughout every investigation, he attracts a caliber of cases and paranormal phenomena that is beyond compare. Some of the phenomena Chacon has dealt with around the world with include:

United States - A child that is reportedly psychically connected to several people in comas and is plagued with ongoing communication with each of them.

China - A reported UFO event experienced by thousands and documented by military that also involved multiple alien abductions.

Russia – A transient reportedly possessed highly volatile psychokinetic abilities, killing multiple people at a distance.

Western Europe – A malicious poltergeist/haunting phenomena that reportedly tossed furnishings like they were toys and ripped through walls, slamming anyone it encounters to the ground.

Eastern Europe – Several orphan children that prayed would reportedly produce an unexplained glow over the dying before healing them all together.

South America - A biped creature twice the size and girth of a grizzly bear reportedly would charge through jungle terrain on its two legs at speeds well over 40 miles per hour.

South Pacific - A violent demonic possession that would reportedly migrate from host to host by self-mutilating each host until dead.
Middle East – Several corpses reportedly dug themselves out of their graves and were encountered by witnesses throughout the neighboring region.

Africa – A remote village was reportedly experiencing a time-distortion anomaly, seemingly slowing-down and even freezing time in place, affecting every aspect of environment, from wind to light, from insects to humans.

Australia – A reported luminous entity of unknown origin was causing all those it directly encounters to experience permanent amnesia.

India - A reported black magic curse that would cause nature to inflict harm upon the victim.

With such extraordinary phenomena, I couldn't help but wonder how these mind-boggling incidents haven't ended up on the news. However, I discovered that all individuals involved had agreed to extreme levels of confidentiality. Also, with many of the witnesses or victims having been traumatized by their experiences, the last thing they want is publicity, contrary to what many believe. Additionally, some countries have strict censorship controls and monitor dissemination of information and can easily control the release of potentially detrimental information. Lastly, some of the events took place prior to the introduction of the Internet or the smart-phone, making the task of concealing information much easier back then. Ironically, the propagating tone of incredulity, skepticism and mistrust around the world as a byproduct of the Internet and social media has made it simpler to spread misinformation and dismiss and discredit any leaked stories or footage that might surface in relation to a reported paranormal event.

Chacon is inundated with hundreds of inquiries every week from every corner of the world, but only a small percentage actually become clients and full cases. That is because before he takes-on any new clients or cases, each situation must first be processed through a regiment of rigorous scientific analysis to rule-out rational explanations, including psychological and physiological examinations, background checks and environmental tests. It is only after all these tests have been conducted and rational explanations ruled-out, including hoaxes, that Chacon would officially take-on the case.

Chacon's clients come from all walks of life in every country around the world, covering every age, nationality, social and economic class, every culture and belief system. In addition to individual people, his clients include global corporations and religious institutions, government agencies and educational academia.

Amid the disbelief, chaos and utter shock that takes place when experiencing the paranormal, both the victims, as well as the first responders, cannot help but be affected, physically and emotionally. Because of the extreme volatile nature of the phenomena in the majority of Chacon's cases, he must often deal with clients that have been severely traumatized by their experiences. Chacon points out, "Depending on the situation, while the phenomena is of course a pivotal focus of every investigation, the health and welfare of the clients should always come first, above and beyond all else." Chacon often finds himself needing to advocate for the victims, and first responders alike, in finding mental health support to deal with the lasting traumatic affects of phenomena. Whether victim or witness, one cannot imagine the type of lasting affects occur when experiencing such paranormal phenomena as possessions, alien abductions, witchcraft curses, creature attacks and poltergeists. Surprisingly enough, even miracle healings and divine encounters leave individuals with types of trauma that can cause a variety of dysfunction. Chacon's attentiveness to the emotional and physical health of clients is yet another reason that he surpasses all others that deals with the paranormal. "In the majority of my cases, everyone who didn't directly experience the phenomena, life pretty much goes back to normal in the following days if not the next. However, for those who did experience it, many have lasting trauma that can destroy every aspect of their life; from physical health to emotional well-being, from work to family", states Chacon.

Because Chacon typically deals with the most volatile cases and therefore frequently gets into harm's way, it makes sense that he has sustained countless injuries in his many years as an investigator. In fact, some of the injuries he has incurred multiple times include, broken ribs, hair burned, being asphyxiated, nose and arms broken, being electrocuted, temporary eyesight and hearing loss, slashed and stabbed, bitten, radiation burned, just to name a few.

As a result of the thousands of cases, utilizing varied methodologies, and years of experience and research, both in the field and in the lab, dealing with every phenomena imaginable, Chacon has achieved perspectives and observations on the paranormal that are nothing short of paradigm altering, especially to those who have followed long-held beliefs and assumptions regarding these phenomena. Many of his breakthrough concepts are not just theories, but are supported by thousands of case-studies that include not just in-depth scientific analysis of the phenomena, but also hard data regarding each client or witness, as well as the environment. Chacon continues to encounter phenomena all over the world that redefines traditional preconceptions and long-held assumptions on the nature of these phenomena and their cause and origins. Even with these innovative insights and his incomparable experience dealing with the paranormal, Chacon remains humbled, emphasizing how jumping to conclusions and prematurely diagnosing a phenomena or any aspect of it can steer you away from the truth. "Time and time again I encounter phenomena that re-defines traditional thinking in respect to its origins, mechanics and dynamics, and in how to deal with it" Chacon observes.

While the majority of phenomena investigated by Chacon is connected to clients and will remain confidential, in his long history of investigating and researching the paranormal, Chacon has also conducted research and investigations into thousands of well-known, even famous, phenomena and paranormal events from the past. Among these include many of the world's most extraordinary UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, starting back with the Roswell and Kenneth Arnold incidents and including almost every encounter to date around the world. He has visited and assessed just about every famous haunted location on earth, from The Winchester Mystery House in California to Poveglia Island in Italy. The list of famous phenomena goes on and on, from Bigfoot to the Bermuda Triangle, from the psychic and remote-viewing experiments conducted by the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to the Vatican endorsed miracle of the weeping Madonna in Syracuse, Sicily. Chacon has re-examined just about every known paranormal phenomena and event utilizing his unique hybrid method of investigating. His analytical, comparative and experimental research has produced eye-opening new data and thought-provoking perspectives of these re-visited phenomena and events with assessments that either supports and corroborates or invalidates them, with some needing to be redefined all together.

If there were established criteria for being a "paranormalist", there is no question that Chacon would be the ultimate "paragon." His attentiveness to all those affected by phenomena, going above and beyond to help them cope with their experiences, and his resolve for maintaining the confidentiality of all involved is profound and unprecedented. Chacon's hybrid methods of investigating utilizing one or more innovative models that apply scientific controls, while maintaining an objective approach, gives him the ultimate ability to adapt to any phenomena and circumstance, making him more than capable of handling any imaginable situation. Whether dealing with a black magic curse, a UFO encounter and alien abduction, a psychokinetic rampage, a demonic possession, an assault by unknown creatures, a malevolent poltergeist or a catastrophic anomaly of unknown origin, Chacon's extraordinary background, his incomparable training and knowledge and his unparalleled lifetime of experience, transcends that of just a paranormal investigator and researcher, but more appropriately as the world's top "Paranormalist."

Comments (9)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Pettytalk 4 years ago
I'm flabbergasted! With all the discussions around this forum on UFOs, and the paranormal, no one had posted any comments to this great column selected by UM-Bot. The date here shows it was posted on Jan 25. And here we are on the 10th of Oct, and not a single soul, apart from this post of mine, had anything to say about the work of Christopher Chacon, nor cite the highly scientific scruple used by him in these subjects.  ""Truly deserving of the title, "paranormalist", Christopher Chacon is one of the world's foremost authorities in the scientific investigation, research and exploration of th... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Well, @Pettytalk, I just found this, I probably missed it because I only joined in April.  Thanks for bringing it up.  I have heard of Chris Chacon but it has been a while.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Not A Rockstar 4 years ago
Not much to discuss here. He does what I do and have done in my life at a much smaller scale. I see he puts it at a higher percentage - 20-30% being paranormal - than I do, but then he has seen more than I have by the sound of it. I figure about 10% is, but, ok, I can go with 20 if need be It would be interesting to chat with him about his cases and conclusions. As for "discussion", UM is not for that on the paranormal. You can try but will soon face the "I don't believe it so you are wrong, stupid or lying and need mental help" camp and there is no point after that. Most of that conversation ... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
It's all psychological to me. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
Hey i resemble that remark ..not really i ask for evidence/proof then after the barrage of cliche excuses, insults, ad hominem attacks etc, I say no, I don't believe your "stories". I respect you do but i dont, repeat ad Nausea.    
Comment icon #6 Posted by Not A Rockstar 4 years ago
Applying objective standards to subjective topics turns them into debates, not discussions and insisting on only objective material shuts out a whole lot of ideas and reality, but this is what UM seems to demand on the whole. Kind of like using a hammer for a screwdriver. UM changed a few years back from discussions into a debate forum and I find that sad.  But, you know, life goes on. Eventually, I will find a forum that still is in the business of talking ideas over a few beers.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
When you find it will you let me know?
Comment icon #8 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
Perhaps believers should treat it as a subjective experience rather than objective fact.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Not A Rockstar 4 years ago
LOL, yeah. 

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